EA FC 24: Two Iconic Stadiums Will Not Be Present in the Game


EA FC 24: Two Iconic Stadiums Will Not Be Present in the Game

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In the much anticipated EA FC 24, fans would be disappointed to learn that two of the world's best stadiums would not be included.
Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena and Barcelona's iconic Spotify Camp Nou stadium will be absent from EA FC 24.

EA Sports’ next big release, EA FC 24, is right around the corner. As EA reveals more and more details about the upcoming soccer simulation, we are seeing a host of new features and updates confirmed, but there’s one major disappointment that fans did not expect.

The publisher announced that EA FC 24 will have a total of 115 stadiums, but the game will not feature two of the world’s most iconic soccer stadiums. Here’s everything you need to know about the two venues that won’t be coming to EA FC 2024.

EA FC 24: Which Stadiums Are Absent from The Game?

Through EA’s deep dive into EA FC 24’s features, we are getting new information on various modes and attributes. To no one’s surprise, it’s been officially confirmed that EA holds the license for an extensive 19,000 players, 700 teams, 30 leagues, and over 100 different stadiums.

However, two of the world’s most iconic stadiums, Baryen Munich’s Allianz Arena and Barcelona’s Spotify Camp Nou Stadium, would not be featured in EA FC 24.

If you’re wondering why we aren’t seeing these stadiums in the game, EA’s rival Konami has an agreement with both clubs for their eFootball game. This means these two areas will only feature in Konami’s soccer game.

Bayern FC extended their partnership last year, and Barca did the same by deciding to renew their deal. Therefore, the home grounds for both of these teams are now expected to be eFootball exclusives.

Players should expect FC 24 to feature all the major clubs with similar stadiums. However, unlike previous franchise entries, EA FC 24 will feature licensed kits, logos, and names for these teams.

EA FC 24: Spotify Camp Nou Would Not Be Coming to the Game

 Players still hoped to see Camp Nou’s return, but those dreams were shattered completely. Even though EA Sports has partnered with La Liga, we would not get a Camp Nou feature in EA FC 24. 

It’s frustrating considering that EA announced that we would be seeing all clubs, logos, graphics and other elements of La Liga added to the game.

Licensing issues can be a nightmare, especially for developers and gamers. So, don’t be sad, as there are a lot of new stadiums for players to see in EA FC 24. Be sure to follow us as we’ll update you with all the latest EA FC 24 news and guides.

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