Does EA FC 24 Have Microtransactions?

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Does EA FC 24 have Microtransactions?


Gamers eagerly await the release of EA FC 24, amidst questions concerning microtransactions in the game.
Players can use real-time money in order to purchase FIFA points, which can add a huge advantage to their gaming performance.

With the release of EA FC 24 just a few weeks away, fans have begun to wonder if this version of the game will have microtransactions. After the fallout between EA Sports and FIFA, the major change in the brand name also raises questions regarding the actual gaming content. Well, fans can rest assured that despite the name change, EA FC 24 will carry forward the remnant legacy of FIFA 23. And one of these features is microtransactions, a feature available for those who are willing to spend real-life money in the game.

Everything We Know About EA FC 24 and Microtransactions

Contrary to other popular games that feature microtransactions, EA FC 24 is not going to be a free-to-play game. There are two versions of the game - Standard and Ultimate - and players can choose between these two paid game modes. However, as the name suggests, ‘Ultimate’ is costlier and also comes with many more additional features in comparison to standard. 

Additionally, players can make use of real-life money in order to obtain FIFA points. With the advent of subscription models and whatnot, many fans believe that fair gameplay is under the direct radar of real-time money. Players can use it to acquire FIFA points, the game’s premium currency. And having loads of them puts you at significantly higher odds of winning. 

Players can also use these in-game points to buy packs directly from the market. The alternative is to use FUT coins, but who’s got the time to earn money by playing games? However, spending FIFA points also has the added benefit of obtaining different cosmetic items. Rumors about obtaining the special evolution card through FIFA points have been flying around, even though EA Sports has not confirmed that yet.

While microtransactions are super expensive, and can feel like useless expenditure, sometimes they are better than having to fetch FUT points while playing, especially in Ultimate Team. The game is still under development, and the developers have yet to see a worldwide response. It is speculated that they are likely to add other types of microtransactions next. 

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