How to Unlock & Upgrade Tower Troops in Clash Royale?


How to Unlock & Upgrade Tower Troops in Clash Royale?

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Tower Troops in Clash Royale are defensive cards that help players protect their Princess Towers from enemies.
These Tower Troops can be updated to Level 15 and can provide advantage over your opponents.
Here is how to unlock and upgrade your Tower Troops in Clash Royale.

Tower Troops in Clash Royale are powerful support cards that help in customizing the damage dealing abilities of Princess Towers in battles. With their extensive abilities, they act as defensive tools against enemy decks. Players using Tower Troops must keep in mind that these can be used anywhere they have their own decks.

To turn the odds in your favor during an intense battle, it is crucial that you possess the strongest version of these cards. In this article, we'll help guide you through the process of both unlocking and upgrading Tower Troops in Clash Royale. This will help you craft a strong defense against your enemies.

How to Unlock Tower Troops in Clash Royale?

The journey begins with the unlocking of Tower Troops. As you embark on your Clash Royale adventure, the Tower Princess, your first Tower Troop, accompanies you from the outset. Subsequent Tower Troops await discovery in higher Arenas, motivating players to ascend through the ranks with skill and strategy. The coveted Tower Troop Chests serve as gateways to more potent reinforcements, enticing players to strive for victory in every clash.

As you launch the game and start playing it, you'll automatically have access to your first Tower Troop, that is the Tower Princess. Progressing through different arenas, will help you unlock more Tower Troops. These new Troops are unlocked as you climb the higher arenas. Moreover, you can get more Tower Troop cards by opening Tower Troop Chests. These chests can be earned as you play more and more of Clash Royale.

How to Upgrade Tower Troops in Clash Royale?

Improving your Tower Troops is crucial for making them more effective so that you stand out in battles. Upgrading them is similar to upgrading other cards in Clash Royale. These Tower Troops can be updated up to Level 15, known as the Elite Level. Below is an explanation:

  • Levels 2 to 14: Upgrade Tower Troops with Gold and duplicate cards. The more you upgrade, the stronger your Troops become.

  • Elite Level (Level 15): Upgrade Tower Troops with Elite Wild Cards only. These cards are special and are only used for upgrading Tower Troops to their maximum potential.

How to Use Tower Troops in Clash Royale?

Once you have managed to unlock and upgrad your Tower Troops, it's time to use them in battles. They will help you defend your Princess Towers against enemy attacks and give you advantage over your opponents. Just keep in mind that the level of your Tower Troop cards is limited due to your current Tower Power.

So, even if you have upgraded your Tower Troops higher than the level of your Tower Power, they will get adjusted to match it during battles.

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