How to Unlock & Play Ranked Tournament in The Finals


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How to Unlock & Play Ranked Tournament in The Finals

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Following the footsteps of games like Valorant and Overwatch 2, The Finals is also a game with Ranked Tournament that needs to be unlocked.
Players who complete a certain round of matches can participate in Ranked Gameplay.
Here is everything you need to know about Ranked Tournament in The Finals.

Show off your skills in The Finals' quick-paced, destructive landscape with the ranked tournament game mode. Embark Studios, the creative force behind The Finals, has brought in the ranked tournament mode to allow players to engage in competitive gameplay. The game has several ranking tiers, among which players can categorize themselves.

To enter this competitive section of the game, players must navigate through specific requirements and challenges. This guide will help you unlock and play Ranked Tournaments in The Finals.

What is Ranked Tournaments in The Finals?

The Finals is not the first or the last first-person shooter to be introducing Ranked Tournaments. However, the game's competitive edge brings a lively cheer to it. Players are categorized into different ranks based on their skills and win rates. This not only presents a challenging landscape for equally skilled opponents but also the opportunity for recognition and rewards.

However, there are certain requirements that players must fulfill in order to unlock ranked gameplay in The Finals.

Teams & Participants in Ranked Tournaments in The Finals

The Ranked Tournament mode brings 16 teams together. Each team has three players, making a total of 48 participants. Players must be earning enough money to secure a first or second-place finish in each round. In total, players need to complete four intense rounds, which can be quite a challenge to master.

The final showdown features the two strongest teams in a head-to-head match, with the team with the most cash reigning as the ultimate winner.

Unlocking Ranked Gameplay in The Finals

To experience the thrill of FPS gaming and participate in Ranked Tournaments, players must check some boxes. They must complete 60 matches in common modes or other infrequent tournaments. This will allow you to level up while gaining valuable experience and skills along the way. This requirement is quite similar to other FPS titles like Valorant and Overwatch 2.

The Finals: Leagues in Ranked Tournament

Players participating in the Ranked Gameplay can be categorized in the following leagues:

Bronze League

  • Bronze 4

  • Bronze 3

  • Bronze 2

  • Bronze 1

Silver League

  • Silver 4

  • Silver 3

  • Silver 2

  • Silver 1

Gold League

  • Gold 4

  • Gold 3

  • Gold 2

  • Gold 1

Platinum League

  • Platinum 4

  • Platinum 3

  • Platinum 2

  • Platinum 1

Diamond League

  • Diamond 4

  • Diamond 3

  • Diamond 2

  • Diamond 1

Rewards in Ranked Tournament in The Finals

The Finals Season 1

The Finals

Players who successfully enter each league can earn many rewards in the form of weapons, charms, accessories, etc. As for Season 1, players are privy to the following rewards:

  • Bronze – A Baseball cap.

  • Silver – A Sweatband.

  • Gold – Unique Gloves.

  • Diamond – Legendary skin for V9S.

Participating in Ranked Tournaments is a fun task as it helps players improve their gameplay while engaging in tough competition. It also allows them to earn great rewards as they level up.

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