How To Transfer Account Progress From Bullet Echo To Bullet Echo India


How to Transfer Account Progress From Bullet Echo to Bullet Echo India

Ahsan Kabir
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Transfer your Bullet Echo progress to Bullet Echo India seamlessly with specific device and location settings.
Bullet Echo India tailored for local players with unique characters, themes, and cultural events.

Transferring your account progress from Bullet Echo (BE) to Bullet Echo India (BEI) is a straightforward process designed to ensure that players can seamlessly migrate their gaming experience to the new, Indian-exclusive version of the game.

This article outlines in great detail, all the important steps required to migrate your account successfully from BE to BEI.

Transferring Account Progress From Bullet Echo to Bullet Echo India: Complete Guide

To begin the migration process, players need to ensure that their device settings are appropriate. Here is how it works depending on your location and device settings.

For Players in India with Indian IP and Store Region Settings

  • If you are using Bullet Echo version 6.2.2 and are in India. Upon opening the game, you will be prompted to transfer your account to Bullet Echo India.

  • This will direct you to the store for installing Bullet Echo India.

  • After installing BEI, you might need to initiate the transfer process once more.

  • Once completed, your account in the international version (BE) will be discontinued and your account in Bullet Echo India will be activated.

For Players With Store Region Set to India but Not Located in India

  • If you have set your store region to India but are not physically in India, and are using version 6.2.3 or above, you will not receive an automatic prompt for migration.

  • Players in this situation will need to contact Krafton's support directly at to request a transfer to Bullet Echo India.

What Gets Migrated?

During the migration from BE to BEI, the following elements of your account are transferred.

  • All account progress including heroes, gears, medals, and combat statistics.

  • Currencies including game coins and other in-game financial assets.

About Bullet Echo India

Bullet Echo India offers a tailored gaming experience for Indian players, introducing unique characters, themes, and live events relevant to local festivals and cultural nuances.

This version of the game is designed for quick, engaging play sessions and aims to fill the market gap for casual multiplayer shooting games in India.

Bullet Echo India, crafted by Krafton in collaboration with Zeptolab, focuses on a culturally enriched gaming experience that resonates with the Indian audience.

The game features various gameplay enhancements, special characters, and thematic events tied to Indian festivals, aiming to create a robust community and potentially stirring up the esports scene in India.

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