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Bullet Echo India Hands-On Impressions: Should You Play Krafton's New Twin-Stick Shooter?

Abhimannu Das
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Bullet Echo India is a 'desi' version of the original Bullet Echo with some India-themed additions for the local audience.
The twin stick shooter incorporates stealth and strategy elements for high octane two-minute matches.

Bullet Echo is a mobile game with tactical top-down gameplay, where you control heroes with unique abilities in short, fast-paced matches. The original game released in 2020 but we are now getting an India-exclusive version dubbed "Bullet Echo India" as a result of a collaboration between Bullet Echo maker Zeptolab and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) maker KRAFTON. AFK Gaming got early access to the game from KRAFTON and here are our thoughts on the game after trying out the new PvP tactical top-down shooter.

What is Bullet Echo India?

"Bullet Echo" offers intense multiplayer battles where players compete in real-time against each other. The game's unique twist lies in its stealth mechanics, where players must navigate the environment cautiously to avoid detection by opponents. The top-down perspective adds a strategic element, allowing players to plan their movements and attacks carefully.

Bullet Echo India


Gameplay and Performance Overview

The game features crisp and colorful graphics, with detailed character designs and environments. The visual style complements the stealth-paced gameplay well. The sound design, including weapon effects and environmental cues, adds to the immersive experience.

The controls are intuitive and responsive, optimized for touchscreens. Players can easily move their character, aim their weapons, and perform actions such as shooting and using abilities with minimal effort.

Bullet Echo India


Bullet Echo India incorporates a progression system where players can unlock new characters, and abilities as they level up. There are legendary characters that you can unlock via chests which can be obtained in-game.

Bullet Echo India Characters


There are currently 11 types of chests in Bullet Echo:

  •  Free Chest and Chill Pack (available in the store for viewing ads)

  •  Battle Chest (free for every three wins in any game mode, can also be purchased in the Store)

  •  Skull Chest (you must kill your opponents in battles to open it);

  •  Gears (regular, weapon and personal) Chest (can be obtained by reaching a certain mark on the progress bar of the Bravery Road, bought for cryptochips on the Black Market, for matches during Sabotage)

  •  Drone Asset Chest (can be purchased for cryptochips on the Black Market and in the Store)

  •  Map Chest (can be bought in the Store)

  •  Champion Chest (1st place in the League)

  •  Winner's Chest (2nd-5th place in the League)

  •  Participant Chest (6th-20th place in the League)

  •  Skins Chest

  •  Big Chest

Should You Try Bullet Echo India?

Yes. Matches last just two minutes each and despite the quick gameplay loop, each match feels fresh thanks to the abilities and stealth elements in the game. If you are a fan of old-school twin stick shooters like Geometry Wars, Bullet Echo India is worth checking out.

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