How to Obtain and Use Acorns in AFK Journey? Resource Explained


How to Obtain and Use Acorns in AFK Journey? Resource Explained

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Acorns are resources used to enhance the rarity of your S-tier Heroes across various stages of rarity.
The game features four different types of Acorns, each corresponding to Heroes belonging to various Factions like Mauler, Graveborn, Wilder, and Lightbearer.

AFK Journey encompasses a diverse list of items and resources that serve numerous purposes. Besides using Soul Stones on characters, players are also introduced to a resource called Acorns, which are essentially shards used to ascend S-class Hero to their highest tier, thus upgrading their powers and abilities. 

However, unlike most other items, Acorns can be quite hard to acquire as they can only be found in short supply, making it challenging to upgrade your character to tiers higher than Mythic. Worry not, as this guide will explain everything you need to know about Acorns in AFK Journey.

How to Effectively Obtain Acorns in AFK Journey?

Play Through Legend Trial and Arcane Labyrinth

These two battle mode reward you with various Acorns present in the game. While Arcane Labyrinth allows you to alter your reward paths after each battle, Legend Trial offers a Tower quest with limited Hero types and progressively challenging enemies. Playing through each of these modes will grant you free Acorns.

Participate in Weekly Guild Chest Challenges

Besides checking the free battle pass rewards for Acorns, you can also join a group and participate in weekly challenges that fill up the Guild Chest. This chest contains a high chance of offering Acorns and can be opened every Monday. You also have the option to participate in Battler Drills for a shot at earning Acorns.

Recruit Heroes

Use your invitations to recruit more heroes. While dispatching Epic Invite letters for characters, you increase your chance of obtaining an Acorn by at least 50%. These rates also chance depending on the type of recruitment such as:

  • Epic Recruitment: 50% chance of obtaining one Acorn, 25% chance of acquiring four Acorns, and 1% chance of receiving thirty Acorns.

  • Rate-Up Recruitment: 70% chance of obtaining one Acorn, 15% chance of obtaining four Acorns, and 1.5% chance of receiving thirty acorns.

  • All Hero Recruitment: 59.95% chance of obtaining one Acorn, 15% chance of obtaining four Acorns, and 0.5% chance of receiving thirty acorns.

What Are the Different Types of Acorns in AFK Journey?

As mentioned earlier, Acorns are resources that are mostly used to upgrade S-tier Heroes through various rarity levels within the game. There are four different types of Acorns in AFK Journey, each used to upgrade Heroes belonging to various factions. These are:

  • Graveborn Acorns

  • Mauler Acorns

  • Wilder Acorns

  • Lightbearer Acorns

Besides these, the game also contains Omni Acorns that can be used to ascend heroes belonging to any factions. X1 Omni Acorn can be traded with Acorns of any type. However, make sure you use them sparingly, as their main purpose is to fill in the gap and help you complete your Hero upgrade.

S-tier Heroes require a total of 350 Acorns to be upgraded from Epic+ to Supreme rarities. Reaching Legendary from Epic+ would use 50 Acorns while reaching Mythic from Legendary+ requires 100 Acorns. Ascending both A and S-tier heroes to Supreme requires 200 Acorns if they are in Mythic+ which might be the most difficult of the bunch. 

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