Here’s How You Can Defeat the Necrodrakon in AFK Journey


Here’s How You Can Defeat the Necrodrakon in AFK Journey

Surya Kumar
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The Necrodrakon is one of the most formidable bosses in AFK Joruney’s Dream Realm game mode.
Reaching a high damage score on this abyssal dragon will require a team composition consisting of a Tank, Support, Marksmen, or Warriors.

AFK Journey’s Dream Realm game mode features four formidable bosses, each of whom possesses a unique set of skills and abilities that demand a well-planned strategy to defeat them. One such boss is the Necrodrakon, capable of dealing massive damage to your heroes.

Although it is not capable of using mechanics like stagger, immunity, or one-hit kill, its intimidating damage stats mean your standard composition of heroes might quickly fall to their knees. Without further, here are all the best teams and strategies to effectively take down this mighty beast in AFK Journey.

Best Teams and Strategies to Defeat the Necrodrakon in AFK Journey

Before selecting the best heroes to take down this abyssal dragon, you need to be aware of its attack types and debuffs that it can inflict upon your team. These are:

  • Corrosion breath: Necrodrakon generates abyss mire in one tile with most heroes, dealing around 35% continuous damage to them that lasts up to 4 seconds.

  • Corruption Sting: Targets two of your heroes with the highest HP and deals around 50% damage if they have maximum health. It also stuns them for one second and drains 40 energy for three seconds.

Abyss Crest
  • Abyss Crest: The dragon deploys a crest underneath your heroes, dealing damage while also debuffing their attack and energy gain efficiency. Although you can move away from its damage-dealing explosion, you need to remember that it can use this attack twice. 

  • Necrodrakon’s Ultimate: This abyssal dragon’s ultimate can deal a massive 70% damage to all of its enemies at 15, 40, and 65 seconds after the battle starts. It can also combine this with the Abyss Sacrifice status effect that can increase the damage taken by your heroes by 25% while also enhancing their attack speed by 10%.

Best Teams to Defeat the Necrodrakon in AFK Journey

While picking the right heroes for this battle can be subjective depending on how you’ve built them up, we recommend players use Heroes who possess movement abilities, as the Necrodrakon will punish characters that stay put in one place. Here’s the best composition you can use:

Best Teams
  • Smoky and Meerky: One of the best supports in the game, especially to take the Dream Realm, as they can effectively provide both heal and buffs to their allies

  • Thoran: Arguably one of the best tanks in the game, who can also deal potent damage to his enemies.

  • Cecia: Although she is a bit slow, this summoner can deal massive damage, especially with her ultimate ability.

  • Odie: This poison damage dealer is known for his energy recovery after hits, making him the most effective hero to deal continuous damage

  • Koko: An excellent support hero capable of reducing oncoming damage through her stagger ability.

If you do not possess some of these characters, you can alternatively use Korin, Kruger, Temesia, Vala, Smoky and Meerky. Make sure you spread them out while deploying and also use artifacts like the Awakening Spell that will help you prolong the battle just a little bit.

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