How to Link Outposts in Starfield


How to Link Outposts in Starfield

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Cargo Link in Starfield lets you connect multiple outposts in the game to help you move your resources effectively.
Cargo Link is a straightforward process which can help you save time.

Bethesda’s space-action RPG, Starfield, offers you an array of missions, challenges, and quests that push you into deep space exploration and resource management. 

If you are moving resources between different outposts or want to go for more lucrative supply missions, you must make use of an essential game feature, the Cargo Linking System, which lets you link different outposts.

Our guide will help you understand how to set one up to maximize your ingame efficiency.

What Is a Cargo Link?

Cargo Link in Starfield is an important feature for anyone who is looking to store and transfer resources. It allows you to transfer your resources to different outposts, making it much easier for you to access these materials when you are in the system. You can also use this feature to store items temporarily. The green container is for your incoming resources, and the red one is for outgoing ones.

How Do You Setup a Cargo Link?

Well, there’s really no requirement to establish Cargo Link other than setting down beacons for an outpost, having the materials to build it, and, obviously, constructing another outpost to connect it with.

However, if you are aiming for supply missions, you will be fine with a single outpost. Here are the required materials to build Cargo Link for outposts –

  1. Two Zero Wires

  2. Two Beryllium

  3. 12 Aluminum

  4. 20 Iron

Step 1: Locate The Cargo Link Option

Navigate to your build menu, and you’ll find the Cargo Link option under miscellaneous.

Step 2: Collect Materials and Build

For the second step, you must collect all the materials mentioned above. Once you have them, you can establish a Cargo Link on your choice of outpost.

Step 3: Setup the Console

After you’ve built the Cargo Link, you’ll find a box attached to it. That’s your console, interact with it, and a list of available Cargo Links to connect will show up on your screen. Choose the one you want and press ‘E” to create a connection.

Step 4: Begin Your Transfer Process

Once you have established a connection, the cargo ship will land at regular intervals to pick up whatever is in the outgoing (red) container and drop it at the linked location. You also have the ability to access incoming (green) containers to receive resources and materials from other outposts.

Step 5: Switching Outposts Connections

If you’ve linked multiple outposts, you can change your connection anytime. In order to do this, just interact with your console and choose a different Cargo Link to connect with.

That’s how you can establish Cargo Links to link your different outposts. Cargo Link is not just a feature to transfer resources between outposts but also a way to store additional items. You can easily create your own Starfield Cargo Link with the steps above!

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