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How to Get Argon in Starfield

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Argon is a versatile resource with various applications in Starfield, particularly in research projects related to weapons.
Starfield's universe is home to a staggering 1,000+ planets, each concealing valuable resources. Argon, fortunately, can be found on approximately 240 of these celestial bodies.
This guide will walk you through the process of efficiently procuring Argon and thriving in the cosmos.

Argon is a versatile resource with various applications in Starfield, primarily related to research projects, including weapon development. Its significance in the game makes it a valuable commodity that players should actively seek and harvest.  If you're wondering how to acquire Argon efficiently, this guide will walk you through the methods to ensure a steady supply of this vital resource.

Obtaining Argon in Starfield

As of now, there are primarily two methods to obtain Argon in Starfield:

  1. Harvesting from Planets

  2. Purchasing from Designated Shops

Harvesting from Planets

Starfield's universe boasts over 1,000 planets, each harboring valuable resources. Among these celestial bodies, Argon can be found on approximately 240 planets. To streamline your search, here are notable planets where Argon is frequently discovered:

  • Alpha Centauri: Jamison, Chawla

  • Narion: Kreet, Vectera

  • Sol: Enceladus, Umbriel

  • Altair: Altair II

  • Olympus: Nesoi

While these planets are easily accessible, starting with Jamison in the Alpha Centauri star system is recommended for newcomers. It's one of the first planets you'll encounter in your Starfield journey, eliminating the need for extensive travel.

To efficiently harvest Argon from these planets, follow these steps:

  1. Use your hand scanner to locate Argon deposits.

  2. Land your ship near the deposit you've found.

  3. Utilize a Cutter or Argon extractor to extract the Argon.

Take caution as Argon is primarily in gaseous form and can be toxic. Maintain a safe distance while using tools like Cutters.

Purchasing from Designated Shops

If you prefer convenience over exploration and have credits to spare, this option is suitable for you. Argon is a common resource, readily available in most major settlements. You can acquire Argon from vendors such as:

  • New Atlantis on Jemison: Vendor Jemison Mercantile

  • Cydonia on Mars: Denis Averin

In your quest to conquer the cosmos, mastering Argon extraction is just one step toward becoming a formidable spacefarer. With this knowledge, you're equipped to gather Argon efficiently and harness its potential for your interstellar adventures.

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