How to Link Items in Chat in Last Epoch


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How to Link Items in Chat in Last Epoch

Abhimannu Das
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The link feature has finally been added to Last Epoch in a recent update.
You can link up to three items in a single message with [Ctrl] + [Right-click] on any item.

During Last Epoch's Early Access, players may have noticed that linking items in chat was not possible but the feature has now been added with the full release of the game. Linking items allows you to show specific items to other players, whether it be your friends or other players. Read on to find out how to link items in Last Epoch's chat menus.

How to Link Items in Last Epoch's Chat

You can link up to three items in a single message with [Ctrl] + [Right-click] on any item. If you want to view a linked item, you just need to hover over a linked item to view all of its attributes. Item linking was not available throughout most of the game's early access period but it has since been added and you can now use the link feature to trade.

How to Trade in Last Epoch

Trading in Last Epoch involves using two main methods: the Merchant's Guild and Resonance. Here's a breakdown of both:

Merchant's Guild:

  • Function: This is a public marketplace where you can buy and sell items with other players.

  • Requirements: You need sufficient "Favor" to list items for sale. Favor is earned by completing quests and other activities.

  • Restrictions:

    • Only worldly wares can be traded, not items tied to specific events or factions.

    • Items get marked by the Guild, affecting their future trade value.

How to Trade:

  1. Go to any Outpost and interact with the Merchant NPC.

  2. Choose "Buy" or "Sell" and browse available items or list your own.

  3. Set your desired price and confirm the trade.


  • Function: This system allows you to share specific items with friends and party members.

  • Types:

    • Golden Resonance: Used for normal items (Rare and below).

    • Obsidian Resonance: Used for Exalted and Legendary items.

  • Requirements: You need sufficient "Resonance" of the appropriate type. Resonance is earned through specific actions like completing challenges.

  • Trading Process:

    1. Open your inventory and select the item you want to share.

    2. Choose "Resonance" and select the recipient from your friend list or party.

    3. Confirm the trade.

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