How to Get The Disgruntled Hunter Achievement in WoW Dragonflight?


How to Get The Disgruntled Hunter Achievement in WoW Dragonflight?

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The Disgruntled Hunter Achievement involves finding the Dwarf NPC Hemet Nesingwary Jr., as the Grand Hunting Party moves through various regions across the Dragon Isles.
You will usually find the Dwarf sitting on top of cliffs or mountain tops, overlooking the Grand Hunting Party at 11 different locations.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight encompasses a colossal list of quests, most of which offer several enticing items that players can use to further enhance their characters. However, the game also showcases unique missions that will grant points upon completion, allowing players to boast their achievements to their friends and party members. One such is The Disgruntled Hunter, an achievement that has reportedly been accomplished by less than 15% of the player base. It mainly involves finding the Dwarf NPC Hemet Nesingwary Jr., in several locations around the map. Without further ado, here’s how you can find him.

All Locations of Hemet Nesignwary Jr. In WoW Dragonflight

Acquiring The Disgruntled Hunter achievement requires you to find Hemet Nesignway Jr. in 11 different locations across the Dragon Isles when the Grand Hunt is active. These are spread across specific spots found in regions such as the snowy peaks of Azure Span, the grasslands of Ohn’ahran Plains, the untamed land of the Waking Shores, and the mountainous region of Thaldraszus.

In all of the aforementioned regions, you will find Hemet Nesignwary Jr. overlooking the Grand Hunt from the top of cliffs and mountain peaks, yapping on about how much more skillful he is than the members of the hunting party. Keep in mind that all of these are level 60-70 zones, so make sure you meet the requirements needed to deal with any possible dangers along the way.

Here are the specific coordinates for each of these areas:

  • Northern Ohn’ahran Plains Hunt: 82.4, 13.8

  • Eastern Ohn’ahran Plains Hunt: 82.8, 47.8

  • Western Ohn’ahran Plains Hunt: 62.2, 54.0

  • Northern Waking Shores Hunt: 42.0, 80.6

  • Southern Waking Shores Hunt: 24.6, 89.0

  • Eastern Waking Shores Hunt: 70.8, 66.4

  • Western Azure Span Hunt: 36.4, 34.8

  • Eastern Azure Span Hunt: 68.0, 23.6

  • Southern Azure Span Hunt: 69.2, 49.8

  • Northern Thaldraszus Hunt: 50.6, 45.6

  • Southern Thaldraszus Hunt: 34.6, 65.4

Once you spot the Dwaf in all of these regions all you need to do is interact with him to tick off each region from the quest log. Doing the same for all 11 locations will earn you this achievement, granting you 15 achievement points in total. Remember that there is no way to speed up this quest, as you cannot the speed at which the Grand Hunting Party moves. However, it can be accomplished in just under a day.

That is pretty much all it takes to complete The Disgruntled Hunter achievement in WoW Dragonflight. Note that the aforementioned coordinates were provided by WoWHead.

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