How to Get Shards in Disney Speedstorm


How to Get Shards in Disney Speedstorm

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Disney Speedstorm’s economy revolves around Shards that can be both earned or purchased.
Each racer has exclusive shards that you need to earn to unlock them for upgrades.

Shards in Disney Speedstorm are a type of in-game currency that is used to unlock and upgrade racers. Each racer has their own set of shards, and you need to collect a certain number of shards in order to unlock them. You can also use shards to upgrade your racers, which will improve their stats and abilities. If you are wondering how to get more Shards in the game efficiently and quickly, here’s what you need to know.

How to get Shards quickly in Disney Speedstorm

The more races you complete and the higher your position in the race, the more shards you will earn. You can also earn shards by opening chests, which can be obtained by completing races, winning challenges, or leveling up your characters. Finally, you can purchase shards with in-game currency, which can be earned by completing races, winning challenges, or purchasing it with real money.

Shards are an important part of Disney Speedstorm, as they allow you to unlock and upgrade new racers. By collecting and spending shards wisely, you can build a team of racers that is capable of winning races and competing at the highest level.

  • Complete races: You will earn shards for completing races, regardless of your position. The more races you complete, the more shards you will earn.

  • Open chests: Chests can be opened with keys, which can be earned by completing races, winning challenges, or leveling up your characters. Chests contain a variety of rewards, including shards.

  • Shop Drops: You can claim free items and Shards from the Shop so keep an eye out for those.

  • Purchase shards: Shards can also be purchased with in-game currency. This is the quickest way to get shards, but it can also be the most expensive.

Here are some additional tips for getting shards in Disney Speedstorm:

  • Focus on the daily challenges: The daily challenges are a great way to earn shards quickly. There are three daily challenges each day, and each challenge rewards you with shards upon completion.

  • Join a club: Clubs offer a number of benefits, including shard rewards. When you join a club, you will earn shards for completing races and challenges with your clubmates.

  • Participate in events: Disney Speedstorm regularly hosts events that offer shard rewards. Be sure to check the event calendar regularly to see what events are coming up.

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