Here is all you need to know about how to get Morelull in Pokemon Go.


How to Get Morelull in Pokemon Go and Can It Be Shiny?

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Morelull is a Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon coming to Festival of Lights 2023.
While there is no guaranteed way to catch a shiny, you can always boost your chances.
Here is all you need to know about how to get Morelull in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go has a number of different variants like Mega, with the most sought-after one being the Shiny. While there is no guaranteed method to get Shiny Morelull, players can increase the chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon through a number of different ways like Lure Modules, Incense and completing timed events and field research events. Let’s look at how to get Shiny Morelull in Pokemon Go with the Festival of Lights 2023 event. 

How to get Morelull in Pokemon Go

As Pokemon Go gears up to host its Festival of Lights 2023 event, players will be able to get more wild encounters like Volbeat, Illumise, and Dedenne. Two other Pokemon you’ll also encounter more of during the event are Morelull and Tadbulb. While there is no guarantee that you’ll encounter a Morelull, there are ways to increase chances of running into one. Here are all the ways you may get Morelull in Pokemon Go:

  • Random wild encounter - Morelull will appear more frequently during the Festival of Lights. 

  • Incense encounter - Increased chance of encountering it when using Incense during the event.

  • One-star raids - You may encounter Morelull during one-star raids during the Festival of Lights.

  • Festival of Lights field research task reward - Catch 15 Pokémon to get an encounter with Morelull.

  • Festival of Lights timed research quest - Hatch 2 Eggs as part of the timed quest.

The Festival of Lights event starts on 7th November at 10 AM and shall go on till 12th November, ending at 8 PM local time. You’ll be able to find more Morelull during this event in wild encounters and also by hatching 7 km eggs while using Incense or through a Field Research encounter. So this is the perfect time to get Morelull in Pokemon Go.

Can Morelull be Shiny?

Morelull’s Shiny form is available for the first time with the Festival of Lights 2023 event. The chances of running into Shiny Morelull will also go up following the event.

Morelulls are Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon who are weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, Ice and Steel-types. 

Morelull evolution in Pokemon Go

Players can evolve Morelull into Shiinotic by using 50 Morelull Candy. Morelull does not have any other evolution stage in Pokemon. When you encounter a Morelull, you can use Pinap berries to double the candy count you get. You can also collect some extra candy by making a Morelull your buddy Pokemon and exploring the world while playing Pokemon Go. That’s everything you need to know about Morelull in Pokemon Go. 

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