How to get Gold Cards in Monopoly Go


How to get Gold Cards in Monopoly Go

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Monopoly Go is a digital board game inspired by the real-life, tabletop game Monopoly.
Acquiring gold cards in Monopoly Go is the game’s biggest challenge and their rarity adds a more thrilling flair to the chase.
This article mentions some methods that may help you get closer to collecting gold cards in Monopoly Go.

Gold cards in Monopoly Go are a rare sight. They are so rare that players cannot even trade them with their friends. This prevailing rarity is what makes chasing these golden cards a lot more exciting. These gold cards, like other stickers, can be obtained from sticker packs. But, given their uncommonness, they rarely surface in these quests. 

So you may be wondering how can one collect these gold cards in Monopoly Go and if there is any solution to curb the rarity problem of these gold cards in the game. This article will answer all your possible questions. 

Methods to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly Go

There are a few methods through which you can acquire these highly sought-after gold cards or stickers in Monopoly Go. However, they come with a lot of ambiguity since using these methods will not always guarantee a gold card in return. Therefore, the key is to keep hustling and grinding until Scopely introduces a gold card trading system. A system through which players with duplicate gold cards can share them with their friends. 

To enhance your likelihood of getting a gold card lies in amassing as many sticker packs as possible. However, you need to be careful about the color of the sticker packs. There are green, blue, purple, and premium purple sticker packs. Your chance of getting a gold card is highest among the blue, purple, and premium purple sticker packs, which usually contain high-rarity cards. 

The following are different ways in which you can acquire more sticker packs and increase your chances of unlocking gold cards in Monopoly Go. 

Participating in limited-time events 

Any time that you want to acquire any high-rarity or exclusive items, partaking in limited-time, exclusive events always solves the problem. However, this can take some time, because first, you need to complete tasks in these events, then accumulate points, and only then you can purchase sticker packs and try out your luck. Along with points, you can also earn some money and free dice. 

The game is constantly organizing events. Its most recent trick-or-treat Halloween event just ended, while the main, season event is ongoing. Always keep an eye out for new events that you can participate in to earn some money as well as sticker packs to try out your luck and collect gold cards if you are lucky!

Monopoly Go Tournaments

This is another way to increase your chances of getting gold stickers in Monopoly Go. The tournaments entail facing other players and defeating them to earn points. Players who come under the top-three tournament rankings are rewarded with premium, high-rarity stickers, including the gold card. 

Outperforming these players can also amplify your gaming skills, bringing you closer to that 3-tier ranked approach. 

These are two ways in which you can acquire the gold cards in Monopoly Go. While these methods are not definitive, they can certainly help you to some extent. Unfortunately, players cannot trade gold cards yet. Many players have been facing the same issue, and we hope that Scopely brings a solution to this problem in the future. Till then, good luck unfolding sticker packs until you find the golden one!

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