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How Many Boards Does Monopoly Go Have?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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As tycoons upgrade buildings and finish boards, new ones become available in Monopoly Go.
Some of the Monopoly Go boards are based on real-life places while others are made-up places for the game.

Monopoly Go has become an extremely popular choice among players looking for a compelling mobile game, complete with an immersive experience. Monopoly Go is an entertaining version of the tabletop board game that players can enjoy at any place or time.

Players, or the tycoons as they are called, can experience the thrill of buying, trading, and constructing their way to fortune in a fast-paced, multiplayer virtual world. Monopoly Go has the best mix of strategy and fun for players who already know how Monopoly works in principle and those new to this game as well.

One of the biggest questions that players have while playing Monopoly Go is about the Monopoly Go boards. While some players want to know if there is a way to just defeat the game by reaching the highest level possible, others want to know if there even "is" a last level.

Here's all you need to know about Monopoly Go boards and the number of boards that are currently available in this Scopely title.

Monopoly Go Boards: List of all the Boards in the Game

Some players who grind in Monopoly Go just want to stack their riches and become billionaires however, some of them want to complete the different boards available in the game faster. Tycoons should note that a new board always emerges as soon as one is completed.

The Monopoly Go Boards or maps are different from the number of levels in the game. Most players, especially beginners, find it confusing as they mistakenly consider boards to be the game level.

Notably, some players say that there are over hundreds of boards. But according to Game Revolution, there is an infinite number of boards in the game because boards repeat themselves after a certain level.

In this article, we will take a look at all the available Monopoly Go boards or maps. They are as follows:

[This list has been sourced from Monopoly Master]

Players should keep in mind that the costs of the boards may vary slightly based on one's level, and may not be the same numbers given in the table above. However, the differences are minor and the figures should give you a good indication and a general estimate of the completion costs for each of these boards.

You will find that it gets harder and harder to complete a board as time passes. However, there are plenty of tournaments, album sticker sets, and weekly events run by Scopely that let you to get your hands on lot of cash at once.

This is everything we know about Monopoly Go boards so far.

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