How to get Falinks in Pokemon Go?

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How to get Falinks in Pokemon Go?


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Falinks is a fighting-type Pokemon that is quite rare to find. The only way to catch it is in the wild.
In this article, we'll take a look at what Falinks is and how players can get it in Pokemon Go.

Falinks is a popular Gen 8 Pokemon that was inspired by Spartan warriors. It made its way into Pokemon Go hailing from the Galar region. This fighting Pokemon has instantly become a fan-favorite with its distinctive design and rarity. Due to its rarity, catching Falinks is a challenge worthy of celebration upon completion.

If you are on a quest to catch Falinks, here's a comprehensive guide on how to do so.

Falinks in Pokemon Go

Falinks is a fighting-type Pokemon who hails from the Galar region. It is a part of the one-member family of Pokemon species, meaning it does not evolve into any other Pokemon.

This can be an added advantage since players won't have to work on evolving this Pokemon, who is already quite hard to find.

Where to Find Falinks?

Falink is a Pokemon with an incredibly low spawn rate and is extremely rare. Given this difficulty, another layer of challenge that comes with catching it is that it can only be caught in the wild. Players can make use of Incenses or lure modules to attract the Pokemon, but its an incredibly rare creature.

For players who are looking for special opportunities to encounter this creature, the new Lunar New Year 2024 event in Pokemon is a perfect opportunity. During this event, the Pokemon is likely to receive a boosted spawn rate. However, the event will run till 11th February 2024, so make sure to make haste and catch this Pokemon.

If you somehow miss the opportunity, don't fret. It is likely that the Pokemon will still be available with a boosted spawn rate during future Field Research Tasks.

Teamwork to Catch Falinks

While Falinks does not evolve into another version of itself, having this Pokemon is praiseworthy due to its rarity. Players can team up with their friends during raids and make use of this excellent opportunity to catch it.

By working together, trainers can increase their chances of success and catch the Pokemon with more ease.

Can Falinks be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

As of now, shiny Falinks has not made its way to Pokemon Go. However, like many other Pokemon, players might have to wait for future events or special occasions to get a shiny Falinks. So, don't forget to keep an eye out for new updates and developments in the game to know if a shiny Falinks is available in Pokemon Go.

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