Here is how to get Drampa in Pokemon Go.


How to Get Drampa in Pokemon Go

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Drampas are making their debut in Pokemon Go during the Pokemon Go 2024 Lunar New Year Event.
You can encounter Drampas in Pokemon Go in a number of ways.
Here is how to get Drampa in Pokemon Go.

Drampa has made its debut in Pokemon Go with the Pokemon Go 2024 Lunar New Year Event. The Normal/Dragon-type Pokemon was first introduced in Generation VII, first released during the Nintendo 3DS era with Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Pokemon has no current evolutions. Drampa will spawn in Field Research task encounters during the Pokemon Go Year of the Dragon celebrations. There are a couple of ways you can boost your chances of catching Drampas in Pokemon Go. 

Drampa in Pokemon Go

Drampa is a Normal/Dragon-type Pokemon hailing from the Alola region. The Dragon-type Pokemon was first introduced to Pokemon Go during the ongoing Pokemon Go 2024 Lunar New Year Event. In Pokemon Go you can use Candy to evolve, however, since Drampa doesn’t have any evolutions as of now, there isn’t much use for these. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to stock up on them when you get an opportunity to catch a Drampa. 

How to get Drampa in Pokemon Go

Drampa is currently available as part of Three-Star Raids in the Pokemon Go 2024 Lunar New Year Event. 

Drampas are available in three-star raids during the Lunar event.

Drampas are also available during Field Research task encounters during the event.

You can also get Drampa in Pokemon Go through Field Research task encounters.

If you want to get more Drampa Candy during the event you can use Pinap Berries which double the amount of Candy you’ll receive if your next catch attempt succeeds. Lure items and Incense is great for attracting more of these Pokemon. Drampas are weather boosted by Partly Cloudy and Windy weather. 

How to take on Drampa in Raids

Drampa is weak to Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, and Ice-type moves. They take reduced damage from Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, and Ghost-type moves. It is best to use STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves that take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses whenever you are assembling a raid party.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, the base catch rate for Drampa in Pokémon GO is 24.03%, calculated for catching a Level 20 with no berries. Curved Great throw has a 50.38% chance to catch, and adding a Razz Berry raises that to 65.04%.

Can Drampa be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Drampa can be Shiny in Pokemon Go for both Field Research encounters and Three-Star Raids. Usually, when a Pokemon debuts in Pokemon Go, the developers do not release a shiny version to go with it. However, this time around, players can catch a Shiny Drampa, if they are lucky.

That’s all you need to know about how to catch Drampas in Pokemon Go.

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