Monopoly Go Error Restart Game error. 


How to Fix Monopoly Go Error: Is Monopoly Go Down?

Here's how you can potentially fix the 'Error Restart Game' in Monopoly Go!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Monopoly Go experienced some errors and issues on 8th February, causing players to miss out on gameplay time.
Some players were greeted by the Monopoly Go error restart game message.
Here are some potential ways to try and fix this error.

Monopoly Go is an entertaining digital game that gamers can play on their mobile devices. It allows players to have an immersive experience of the tabletop board game completely online via their device. Players can experience the thrill of buying, trading, and constructing their way to fortune in a fast-paced, multiplayer virtual world. The game gives the best mix of strategy and fun for players who already know how Monopoly works in principle and those new to this game as well.

Just like any other online game, Monopoly Go also experiences troubles sometimes. When you are unable to play the game, you are faced with a plethora of doubts and you wonder if it is your mobile data, a wonky WiFi connection, or a hardware problem. Sometimes, it could be an entirely different issue on the side of the Monopoly Go servers.

Recently, some players were greeted by the Monopoly Go Error Restart Game message and this hindered hours of precious gameplay. This error can happen due to a variety of reasons. In this guide, we will take a closer look at how to potentially solve this Monopoly Go error.

What Causes Monopoly Go Error Restart Game?

Players should note that this Monopoly Go Error “Restart Game” message usually pops up only when there is server congestion or downtime with Monopoly Go servers. Sometimes, this can mean you are simply on a different version than the Monopoly Go servers. In this case, you can try to restart the game to potentially fix it.

The message displayed is usually this:

Monopoly Go Error: We're sorry, an error occurred requiring to restart the game.

How To Fix Monopoly Go Error Restart Game?

First, do the following checks that are simple:

  • Update your App to the latest version.

  • Check your internet connection

  • Check if Monopoly Go servers are up and running

Now, try these following fixes:

  • Close all other background applications on your mobile phone. This will help clear up memory and allow you to run applications faster again.

  • Restart your Mobile device and Monopoly Go to make sure that your side is clear.

  • You can try the following steps if you play Monopoly Go on an Android device:

    - Delete all copies of Monopoly Go on your device.

    - Download and install the game from this link which is an APK of the 1.13.5 version since the crashes seem to be happening on 1.13.7.

    - Open the game and log in using the same credentials and the issue should be fixed now.

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