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How to Fix 'Into the Unknown' Bugs in Starfield

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While Starfield offers a captivating galactic adventure, the "Into the Unknown" quest bugs have frustrated some players.
"Into the Unknown" is a pivotal quest in Starfield, crucial to the game's storyline. Unfortunately, this quest is currently plagued by two distinct bugs that can halt your progress.
In this article, we'll delve into the reported bugs and explore various workarounds to help you overcome these challenges.

Bethesda's highly anticipated space exploration RPG, Starfield, has been captivating players since its release. However, as with many game releases, some bugs and issues have surfaced, particularly with the "Into the Unknown" quest. This main story quest is vital to the game's narrative, but it has been plagued by bugs that prevent players from advancing further. Fortunately, we've gathered insights from various sources to provide you with effective fixes and workarounds to overcome the ‘Into the Unknown’ bugs in Starfield.

The "Into the Unknown" Quest Bugs

The "Into the Unknown" quest in Starfield tasks players with exploring a specific planet to investigate a mysterious signal. However, several bugs have plagued this quest, leaving players in a situation where they are unable to complete it. These bugs can be immensely frustrating, especially given the quest's importance to the overall narrative.

Bug #1: Missing Quest in Log

Solution 1: Console Command (PC Only)

If you find that the "Into the Unknown" quest does not appear in your quest log, you can bypass it using a console command. While this workaround allows you to continue playing, it might disable achievements and have unforeseen consequences for future storylines.

  1. Open the Console using the Tilde (~) key.

  2. Enter the command “setstage 000160A9 600” to skip the quest entirely.

  3. Keep in mind that console commands are PC-exclusive, leaving Xbox players without this option.

Solution 2: Xbox Game App and PC (Temporary): If you're an Xbox player, you'll need to download the Xbox Game App on a PC, install Starfield, use the above-mentioned console command, save your game, and then return to the console to play. Alternatively, you can also patiently wait for Bethesda to address this issue in the next patch.

Bug #2: Inability to Scan Distortions

If you can see the "Into the Unknown" quest in your log but encounter a bug preventing you from scanning distortions with your scanner, here's what you can do:

  1. Select the Correct Landing Zone: If there are two landing zones close to each other, choose the one marked as the correct anomaly for the quest to progress.

Temporary Workarounds (No Permanent Fixes)

As of now, there are no permanent fixes for the "Into the Unknown" quest bug. However, players have reported success with the following temporary solutions:

  1. Skip Time: Try skipping 24 to 48 in-game hours. This can sometimes resolve issues related to reaching the signal location.

  2. Use a Console Command: As mentioned earlier, the console command "setstage 000160A9 600" allows you to bypass the quest but may disable achievements.

  3. Reload from Your Recent Save: Reloading your most recent save a couple of times has helped some players overcome this bug.

  4. Restart the Game: While it might seem simplistic, restarting Starfield has worked for some players.

  5. Fast Travel: If you're investigating Procyon III and can't find the signal source, try fast traveling to another planet and then back to Procyon III.

  6. Wait for Patches: Bethesda is likely aware of the issues with the Into the Unknown quest and should release patches to address them, so ensure your game is up-to-date.

While the "Into the Unknown" quest bugs in Starfield can be a frustrating roadblock, there are several workarounds available to help players continue their interstellar adventures. As Bethesda continues to improve the game with patches and updates, players can look forward to a smoother and more bug-free experience in the future.

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