How to Find Nautical Enchantress in Disney Dreamlight Valley


How to Find Nautical Enchantress in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Talking to the Nautical Enchantress in Disney Dreamlight Valley will net you a stash of 20 Royal Winter tokens.
The quest is referring to Ursula and you have to track her down

A host of new quests have been added to Disney Dreamlight valley and talking to the Nautical Enchantress will net you a stash of 20 Royal Winter tokens. The game does not tell you who the Nautical Enchantress is so you have to figure the quest out on your own. But if you are stumped and want to find the Nautical Enchantress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we are here to help.

Where is the Nautical Enchantress in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are two steps to finding Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Unlock Dazzle Beach:

First, you need to unlock the Dazzle Beach biome. To do this, you'll need to spend 1,000 Dreamlight. You can earn Dreamlight by completing various activities in the Valley, like removing Night Thorns, mining, fishing, and helping out the other characters.

Once you have enough Dreamlight, head to the Forgotten Lands and interact with the Mystic Well. Choose the option to unlock Dazzle Beach. There will be a short cutscene, and then you'll be able to travel to the new biome.

Find Ursula's Grotto:

Once you're in Dazzle Beach, look for a cave entrance near the well. It's on the east side of the beach, not far from where you spawn in. The entrance will be blocked by a dark aura.

Swim through the underwater tunnel to enter the cave. Inside, you'll find Ursula trapped in a grotto. Talk to her to begin her friendship quest and eventually unlock her as a resident of the Valley.

When you meet Ursula, start the conversation with one of the following dialogue options to get your Royal Winter tokens

  • Did you need anything?

  • Did you have time to talk?

  • So Ursula, what's your secret to life?

  • Something bothering you?

  • What are you thinking about?

  • What are you up to today?

  • What are you working on?

  • What's going on?

  • What's on your mind?

  • You seem lost in thought.

Tips to Find Ursula Fast

  • If you're having trouble finding the cave entrance, look for a glowing rock with purple markings near the well. This is a marker that points the way to the cave.

  • You can also use the world map to find the cave. It will be marked with a purple sea shell icon.

  • Once you've unlocked Ursula, you can find her swimming in the ocean around Dazzle Beach or in the ponds of other biomes, like the Peaceful Meadows and Glade of Trust.

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