How to Find and Use Digipicks in Starfield?


How to Find and Use Digipicks in Starfield?

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Starfield’s lockpicking mechanism requires you to familiarize yourself with a tool called the Digipick.
Unlike previous Bethesda games, this mechanism features a small yet engaging mini-game where you solve the puzzle to unlock containers, doors, and such.

Starfield has made significant improvements in terms of game mechanics from its previous titles. The game features several elements of Skyrim and Fallout but it is depicted in a space RPG setting. One such mechanism is lockpicking which now lets you unlock chests, doors, etc. In this game lockpicks are called Digipicks which allow you to unlock things by completing a simple puzzle that is vastly different from the previous games where you needed precise mouse or controller stick movements. Let’s take a look at the Digipick and its commonly found locations.

Where Do You Find Digipicks in Starfield?

These digital lock picks in Starfield can usually be found near research labs, outposts, and even abandoned labs, often near the chest or container you are looking to unlock. You can easily spot them thanks to their distinct black spyglass design. You can also use your hand scanner to highlight the blue outline, making it even easier to find.

The game offers a bunch of Digipicks right from the initial stage such as in the One Small Step mission which runs you through a tutorial to get used to the mechanism. You can mostly buy these Digilocks from any of the numerous merchants present in major settlements such as Akila City, Neon, and more. They cost around 35 credits which makes them relatively cheap.

How to Use the Digipicks in Starfield?

Players are free to unlock all of the novice locks without having to invest in the security skill tree. However, as you continue to progress through the game, investing skill points in the lockpicking skill becomes a requirement as you will come across several rare containers possibly possessing rare loot. In order to unlock a container or a door, you must match the keys to the lock. Once you are on the Digipick screen, you will see two rings and the pertaining keys on the right-hand side. You must figure out which keys fit the ring and discard the keys that don't fit.

The locks in this game span four different difficulties; Novice, Advanced, Expert, or Master.

As you continue to level up or invest points in the Security skill tree you will get access to unlock Master level locks. Furthermore, the game also provides auto attempts that will automatically turn the keys on one attempt. There are four different ranks in the security tab. They are:

  • Rank 1: You can attempt to unlock advanced locks. Also grants 2 auto attempts

  • Rank 2: You can attempt to hack expert locks. Also grants 3 auto attempts and the rings now turn blue when the attempted pick can be slotted.

  • Rank 3: You can attempt to hack master-level locks. Also grants 4 auto attempts.

  • Rank 4: Allows you to eliminate keys that are unnecessary. Also grants 5 auto attempts.

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