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How to Find and Explore Neon in Starfield

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Neon, with its cyberpunk allure and intricate web of stories and secrets, is a remarkable destination in Starfield.
Situated on an aquatic planet, Neon resembles an industrial platform more than a traditional city. It once served as a fishing platform owned by Xenofresh Fisheries until the discovery of a native fish with psychotropic effects led to a shift in purpose.
During your first visit to Neon, you'll be required to land on the outskirts of this industrialized marvel and pass through a scanner for clearance. This guide will help you find and explore the captivating city of Neon.

As the vast universe of Starfield unfolds before you, there's a city that beckons with its cyberpunk allure, neon-drenched streets, and shadowy secrets. Neon is a captivating destination for those who seek adventure, intrigue, and a dash of cyberpunk flavor in their intergalactic journey. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of how to find and explore Neon in Starfield.

Finding Neon in Starfield

Neon is a city with a distinct cyberpunk vibe, nestled within the Volii System. To reach this captivating destination, follow these directions:

  • Navigate the Star Map: Locate the Volii System, situated to the right and below the Alpha Centauri system, where your journey in Starfield begins with New Atlantis.

  • Planet Volii Alpha: On the planet Volii Alpha within the Volii System, Neon awaits your exploration. This sprawling industrial city is your gateway to a world of corporate greed, dimly lit nightclubs, contraband dealings, and a multitude of thrilling quests.

A Glimpse into Neon

Neon isn't just any city; it has a unique backstory and aesthetic that sets it apart from the other cities in Starfield:

  • Aqua-Industrial Setting: Neon is situated on an entirely aquatic planet, reminiscent of an oil platform. Its origins trace back to a fishing platform owned by Xenofresh Fisheries. However, the discovery of a native fish with drug-like psychotropic effects shifted its purpose to producing the drug Aurora. The city's transformation into a pleasure hub was rapid.

  • Lightning-Powered City: Neon stands out by harnessing the power of lightning to meet its energy needs. A massive shroud suspended above the city captures lightning strikes during the constant rainfall, converting them into electricity, making it an astonishingly energy-efficient city.

Exploring Neon's Mysteries

Upon landing in Neon, brace yourself for a plethora of experiences:

  • Freestar Collective Territory: Governed by the Freestar Collective, Neon operates with fewer rules and regulations compared to the other major factions in Starfield. This environment has allowed shady corporations and street gangs to thrive, creating a complex and dynamic urban landscape.

  • Join Ryujin Industries: Consider aligning yourself with Ryujin Industries, a tech giant based in Neon. This faction offers a compelling narrative arc that involves corporate intrigue, from fetching coffee to planting incriminating documents on competitors.

  • Side Quests Galore: Neon offers an abundance of side quests that will immerse you in its underbelly of criminal activity. Explore Ebbside, the criminal district within the city, and unravel its secrets.

  • Contraband Opportunities: For those inclined towards riskier endeavors, Neon is one of the few major cities where you can purchase contraband. Aurora, a time-slowing drug, can be acquired, with the Astral Lounge being a convenient spot for its procurement. Just remember to be discreet and avoid getting caught with it on your ship.

Neon, with its cyberpunk allure and intricate web of stories and secrets, is a remarkable destination in Starfield. Whether you're drawn to its neon lights, corporate intrigue, or the thrill of the underworld, Neon promises an unforgettable experience in the depths of the Starfield universe. So, prepare to embark on your adventure and embrace the neon-lit mysteries that await in this captivating city.

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