Starfield's Complete Mission List: All Constellation Campaign Missions are in Main Story


Starfield's Complete Mission List: All Constellation Campaign Missions

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Starfield is just a few days away. Fans are excited to step in the cosmic expanse that offers endless possibilities.
With constellation missions, players can follow a set path, making it easier to follow a linear storyline in the game.
Not only the main missions, but the names of side missions have also been added here.

As Starfield enters its early access phase, the full release is just a few days away, and fans are eagerly preparing for the adventure soon to unfold on their devices. Amidst this anticipation, a common query arises, revolving around the game's missions. While Bethesda has crafted a vast and open cosmic world ripe for exploration, many players seek a structured path to avoid wandering aimlessly. This is where the Constellation missions come into play.

Here's a list of all the missions that Starfield currently offers.

All Starfield Missions

While the great, cosmic expanse of Starfield offers endless possibilities, players have been wondering about the mission campaign for the game. They will find themselves traveling beyond and across the many diverse planets, keeping them on an orchestrated path. 

As early access feedback starts pouring in, it has been reported that there are 19 missions in total that engulf the main story of Starfield. However, this does not take into account the many side missions and quests that may be a part of those missions. 

Speculation suggests that this sizeable campaign should take around 30 to 40 hours to complete. 

Main Campaign Starfield Missions

Akila City


The missions that impact the main Starfield story are as follows:

  1. One Small Step

  2. The Old Neighborhood

  3. The Empty Nest

  4. Back to Vectera

  5. Into the Unknown

  6. All That Money Can Buy

  7. Starborn

  8. Further into the Unknown

  9. Short Sighted

  10. No Sudden Moves

  11. High Price to Pay

  12. Unity

  13. In Their Footsteps

  14. Unearthed

  15. Final Glimpses

  16. Missed Beyond Measure

  17. Entangled

  18. Revelation

  19. One Giant Leap

While these are just the main missions in the game, players will also encounter four factions throughout the game -  UC Vanguard, Crimson Flee, Reestar Rangers, and Ryujin Industries. Here is a categorical list of different missions in these factions. 

UC Vanguard

UC Vanguard


  1. Supra Et Ultra

  2. Grunt Work

  3. Delivering Devils

  4. Eyewitness 

  5. Friends Like These

  6. The Devils You Know

  7. War Relics

  8. Hostile Intelligence

  9. A Legacy Forged

Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet


  1. Deep Cover

  2. Rook Meets King

  3. Burden of Proof

  4. Echoes of the Past

  5. Breaking the Bank

  6. The Best There Is

  7. Absolute Power 

  8. Eye of the Storm

  9. Legacy’s End

Freestar Rangers

Freestar Rangers


  1. Job Gone Wrong

  2. Where Hope is Built

  3. Shadows In Neon 

  4. Surgical Strike 

  5. On the Run

  6. First to Fight, First to Die

  7. The Hammer Falls

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries


  1. Back to the Grind

  2. One Step Ahead

  3. A New Narrative

  4. Access is Key

  5. Sowing Discord

  6. Accidents Happen

  7. Maintaining the Edge

  8. Top Secrets

  9. Background Checks

  10. Guilty Parties

  11. The Key Ingredient

  12. Sabotage

  13. Executive Level

Starfield Side Missions

Not only this, but details about Starfield’s side missions have also been revealed. These side-missions offer endless excitement in the game and are as follows:

  • A Light in the Darkness

  • A Tree Grows in New Atlantis

  • All For One

  • Alternating Currents

  • Bare Metal

  • Beautiful Secrets

  • Blast Zone

  • Burden of Proof 

  • Captain’s Bounty 

  • Charity of the Wolf

  • Distilling Confidence

  • Echoes of the Past

  • Failure to Communicate 

  • First Contact

  • Fishy Business

  • Friends Like These

  • Groundpounder 

  • Late Bloomer

  • Loose Ends

  • Mantis

  • Media Sponge

  • Mob Mentality

  • Out on a Limb

  • Power From Beyond

  • Primary Sources

  • Red Tape Blues

  • Red Tape Runaround

  • Red Tape Reclamation

  • Run the Red Mile

  • Saburo’s Solution

  • Supply Line

  • Suspicious Activities

  • Tapping the Grid

  • Taste of Home

  • The Akila Run

  • The Audition

  • The Best There Is

  • The Great Laredo Caper

  • The Kindness of Strangers

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