How to Farm Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded? Best Locations


How to Farm Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded? Best Locations

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The Fossilized Bone is a crucial resource used to craft various armor sets for the different archetypes present in the game.
This guide will provide you with 5 of the best locations to farm Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded.
Apart from this, you also use the Fossilized Bone to upgrade your Flame Altar to level 5.

The diverse biomes of Embervale encompass numerous resources to ensure the player’s survival by allowing them to craft several items and protect themselves from deadly enemies in the game. One such notable resource is the Fossilised Bone, a mid-to-end-game item that is used to craft various armor sets and to upgrade your Flame Altar. Unlike most other items, this material cannot be purchased from Vendors or other NPCs in the game. Worry not as this guide will provide you with the best locations to farm them.

What Are the Best Places to Farm Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded?

The only way to obtain Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded is by cutting down Fossilised Giant Skeletons found in the desert biomes of Embervale. Two notable locations yield the most amount of Fossilized Bones and the first one is relatively easy to find.

site location 1

All you need to do is teleport to the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and glide down in the Western direction to spot a Giant skeleton site just past the vicinity of the tower. This is probably the biggest Fossiled Bone deposit found in the entire game but there are other locations as well.

Giant Skeleton

To find the second Giant Skeleton deposit site, you need to glide in the Southwestern direction towards the left side of the shroud of Uber Hollow. You will find the second site directly outside the shrouded cliffs. If you are in the end-game phase, you can also travel to the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire and head slightly towards the Northwest to find the third Giant Skeleton site in the game.

site location 2

Furthermore, you will also spot another one if you Glide or run further toward the west from the third deposit site, although this one is relatively smaller than the third giant skeleton. The last giant skeleton site is located directly to the south of the Kindlewastes Tower and this is also one of the biggest Giant Skeleton sites in Enshrouded, bringing our total count to five such fossil sites.

What Are the Uses of Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded?

As mentioned before, Fossilized Bone is used to craft various Armor for Ranger and Archmage builds along with unlocking recipes for the Alchemist and the Hunter NPCs. You can also use the Grinding Stone to turn the bone into Fossilzied Bone Dust. Here are all the Armor Sets and items you can unlock with the bone and bone dust:

  • Herbalist Set

  • Magician Chest

  • Rogue Set

  • Warlock Boots

  • Sage Set

  • Hunter Vest

  • Hunter Hood

  • Fossilized Bone Arrow

  • Eternal Ice Bolt

  • Transcendental Screen Shield

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