Enshrouded Guide: How to Farm Ammonia Glands and What Are Its Uses?


Enshrouded Guide: How to Farm Ammonia Glands and What Are Its Uses?

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Ammonia Glands are crucial resources used to produce items like Leather, Staff Charges, and upgrade your Flame Altar.
You can obtain this resource by killing red fungi creatures found in the shroud of Umber Hollow.
Each of these creatures will provide you with 5 or 6 Ammonia Glands.

The diverse biomes of Embervale are home to various flora and fauna that offer numerous resources used to craft survival gear and food items. These materials can be crucial as you move through the game and climb up the levels, allowing you to create advanced items to boost your progression. A standout example of such a resource is the Ammonia Gland, which is used to upgrade your Flame Altar along with crafting other items at the Tanning Station and the Alchemist. Here’s how you can farm them.

How to Farm Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded?

While Ammonia Glands can be acquired from Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes desert region, we recommend you head to the south from the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and reach the shroud of Umber Hollow, which will offer you an abundance of these glands to farm.

umber hollow

Once you jump into the shroud of Umber Hollow, you need to find large red fungi monsters with giant mushroom heads. We recommend you carry several healing potions, and food to increase your stamina and health regeneration as these hostile creatures will be level 20 and above, and are capable of inflicting serious damage upon you. 

Apart from carrying the best melee weapons and armor from your arsenal, you need to carry a bow and arrow and shoot at the glowing spots on the monster to quickly weaken it. You also need to stay away from its poison circle which will add to the damage it deals.

red fungi

After successfully killing them, you need to wait for the poison circle on the ground to dissipate and then collect the Ammonia Glands they drop. You will receive around 5-6 glands after killing one fungi monster. You will find at least 3 or 4 of these creatures in this region and the added chance of occasionally finding Ammonia Glands on the ground.

poison circle

Once you are done obtaining this precious resource by killing all the creatures present in the Hollow, you simply need to log off and respawn at the nearby altar to begin the process all over again to effectively farm Ammonia Glands. Repeating this method just three times will grant you at least 22-25 of these glands, making this one of the most efficient ways to obtain this crucial material.

What Are the Ammonia Glands Used for in Enshrouded?

Ammonia Glands are mainly used to upgrade your Flame Altar to level 5. Additionally, you can also use this resource at the Alchemist and the Tanning Station to craft items such as Leather, Acid Bite, Staff Charges, Paper, etc. 

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