Here is how to equip Mounts in Palworld.


How to Equip Mounts in Palworld

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Travelling across the vast distances of the Palpagos Islands is a lot easier with mounts.
There are large number of Pals you can use as mounts in Palworld.
Here is how to equip Mounts in Palworld.

Mounts in Palworld are pals you can use to ride around the map. You’ll find various pals across the Palpagos Islands to use as mounts. Note that not all Pals can be used as mounts, especially the smaller pals cannot be equipped with mount gear but there is still a large variety to choose from. Once you capture a mountable Pal, you will need to collect material to create Mount gear. Here is all you need to know about Mounts in Palworld and a list of Pals you can use as mounts as of now.  

List of Pals Mounts in Palworld

The world of Palpagos has over 100 Pals for you to catch. Each Pal has some unique traits  called ‘Partner Skills’ which make them useful for various tasks like creating and gathering resources, farming, while some provide you with unique passives and more. The ability to ride a particular Pal species depends on that species’ partner skill. There are different kinds of mounts in Palworld: Ground mounts, Aquatic mounts and Flying mounts. As their names suggest, ground mounts can be used to travel across land, aquatic mounts can be used to traverse water while flying mounts allow you to hover in the air and get around with ease. Mounts can also participate in combat and for the defense of player bases with the right training.

According to Mandatory.GG, here is a comprehensive list of all Pals you can use as mounts in Palworld:

  • Arsox

  • Astegon

  • Azurobe

  • Beakon

  • Blazamut

  • Blazehowl

  • Blazehowl Noct

  • Broncherry

  • Broncherry Aqua

  • Celaray

  • Chillet

  • Dinossom

  • Dinossom Lux

  • Direhowl

  • Eikthyrdeer

  • Eikthyrdeer Terra

  • Elphidran

  • Fenglope

  • Frostallion

  • Grintale

  • Grizzbolt

  • Hangyu

  • Hangyu Cryst

  • Helzephyr

  • Ice Kingpaca

  • Ice Reptyro

  • Jetragon

  • Jormuntide

  • Jormuntide Ignis

  • Kingpaca

  • Kitsun

  • Mammorest

  • Mammorest Cryst

  • Maraith

  • Melpaca

  • Mossanda

  • Mossanda Lux

  • Nitewing

  • Pyrin

  • Pyrin Noct

  • Quivern

  • Ragnahawk

  • Rayhound

  • Reindrix

  • Relaxaurus

  • Relaxaurus Lux

  • Reptyro

  • Rushoar

  • Shadowbeak

  • Surfent

  • Surfent Terr

  • Suzaku

  • Suzaku Aqua

  • Sweepa

  • Univolt

  • Vanwyrm

  • Wumpo

  • Wumpo Botan

The catalog of pals you can use as mounts is huge. Some good early starting mounts are Rushoar, Melpaca, Direhowl, and Eikthyrdeer. 

How to craft mount gear in Palworld

In order to mount up and ride a pal through the world, you’ll first need an eligible pal, and next you’ll require the correct Pal Gear to make it work. For this you will need to unlock the Pal Gear Workbench from the Technology menu.

Unlock the Pal Gear Workbench from the Technology tab to craft saddled harnesses.


For example, you can ride a Direhowl, but you’ll first need to craft the Direhowl's Saddled Harness, which you can do on the Pal Gear Workbench.

These Pal-specific Saddled Harnesses can be crafted to equip Mounts in Palworld.


This applies to every pal that can be mounted. You do not need to equip any Pal Gear. You simply need to have acquired the item. Let your mount pal out of their Pal Sphere, and then hold the Ride button shown at the bottom of the screen to hop on. Certain pals even have attacks and abilities you can use while mounted.

Remember that you’ll still need to upgrade your Technology Tree to unlock all the Pal Gear to ride these creatures. Later on you'll even be able to unlock a flying pal to mount and ride

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