How to Effectively Use the Optiwand in Ready or Not?


How to Effectively Use the Optiwand in Ready or Not?

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The Optiwand or a Mirror Gun is a tool that comes in handy while trying to anticipate the dangers behind closed or locked doors.
While the Optiwand points out threats that lie ahead, it is still in the player’s hands to come up with successful strategies to neutralize them.

Ready or Not is a first-person tactical shooter where you take on the role of David ‘Judge’ Beaumont as the commander of the Los Suenos SWAT Team who is tasked with disabling numerous high-risk situations and other criminal activities. The game has an array of weapons and equipment that will help you in your endeavors. One such gadget is the Optiwand, which will allow you to look under doors before breaching through them. Mastering the use of the Optiwand is crucial especially when you are dealing with critical hostage situations or entering a hideout filled with traps. Here’s how you can use it.

Here’s How You Can Use the Optiwand in Ready or Not

As mentioned above, the Optiwand is a potent tool that you can use to inspect closed doors for enemies holding angles and also for bombs, mines, or other such deadly taps that will instantly kill you. 

The Optiwand also called the Mirror Gun due to its structure, works by using a camera that fits under the gaps in doors. It can be equipped by pressing “5” on your keyboard or you can also pull it when you interact with the symbol on your screen when pointed towards the bottom of a closed door. To effectively use this gadget, you must understand how doors work in Ready or Not.

How to Effectively Use the Optiwand in Ready or Not?

The first thing you need to know is that the Optiwand does not work on metal doors or barriers and you can only peek through wooden doors. Left-clicking with the mirror gun equipped will give you a view of your current surroundings. To use it to peek through a closed wooden door, you need to point your cursor to the bottom of the door which will show an Optiwand icon. When you press on the interact key and hold the left click you will now see everything behind that specific door.

You can also use it to peek through open doors or slightly ajar doors by simply pointing your cursor at the door and left-clicking. This will help you anticipate tight corners and strategically plan your attacks without falling right into your enemy’s tactics. 

Is the Optiwand a Potent Tool In Ready or Not?

The Optiwand is certainly a potent tool to deal with various combat scenarios that are presented to you in Ready or Not. However, it merely acts as a tool that will point out the dangers lurking behind closed doors. You will still need to plan out an effective strategy to safely breach through that door, while also protecting your squad and hostages, if any. 

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