How to Effectively Capture Pals and Increase Your Catch Rate in Palworld?


How to Effectively Capture Pals and Increase Your Catch Rate in Palworld?

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Capturing Pals in the game can be done using a Pal Sphere, the Palworld equivalent of a Poke Ball.
Players can also build a Statue of Power in their base and offer it Lifmunk Effigies to permanently increase their chance of capturing Pals.

The immersive biomes of Palworld contain numerous Pals to capture, befriend, and make use of in battles. While your initial encounters with Pals will be fairly easy, you will find it difficult to capture them as you progress through the levels. Although the game doesn’t hold your hand through this increased difficulty, it does contain numerous systems in place to make sure you effectively capture these Pokemon-like creatures. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at all the different ways to catch these Pals while also increasing your rate of capture.

How to Increase Your Capture Rates in Palworld?

Players of Palworld will know that the game is heavily inspired by Pokemon in terms of its collection of monsters and it follows similar mechanics when it comes to capturing, battling, and breeding them. That being said, here are all the ways you can increase your rate of capturing these Pals:

Upgrade Your Pal Sphere

Similar to the Pokeball, players in Palworld get access to Pal Spheres which must be thrown at the Pals to capture them. Before you throw these spheres, aim your cursor at the Pal and you will notice your chance of successfully capturing them in the pop-up. These Pal Spheres will unlock once you reach level 2 and the best way to increase your chances of capture is by upgrading them to higher tiers. Here are all the different Spheres that unlock at various levels:

  • Mega Sphere: Level 14

  • Giga Sphere: Level 20

  • Hyper Sphere: Level 27

  • Ultra Sphere: Level 35

  • Legendary Sphere: Level 44

You will have to collect numerous materials to upgrade your Pal Spheres and you need to gather increasingly rare materials as the tiers go up. Once you reach a certain point in the game, these upgrades will become mandatory to capture high-tier Pals so we recommend you begin your upgrades as soon as possible.

statue of power

Increase Your Capture Power

Apart from Pal Spheres, the game also contains ways to permanently enhance your chances of capturing Pals. This can be done by building a Statue of Power at your base and offering Lifmunk Effigies to it. These Effigies can be found by their distinctive glowing green color and they are usually tucked away at the top and sides of cliffs and mountains. If you cannot build yourself a Statue of Power, you can always make use of the ones present in the Churches of the overworld.

deal damage

Deal Damage and Apply Status Effects to the Targeted Pal

Before using your Pal Spheres, you can also deal damage to the Pals you are trying to capture. While simple hits with pickaxes will be sufficient at early stages, you will need to use items like Fire Bow, Poison Crossbow, or a Stun Baton to apply numerous status effects and weaken them. Moreover, you can also deal damage using Pals that you have already befriended.

Make Use of Capture Bonus and Back Bonus

If players have already captured one specific type of Pal, they will notice that they have increased capture bonus against all Pals of the same species. While this does not increase your capture rates, knowing this can be incredibly helpful when attempting to capture multiple Pals for XP or for the Pal Essence Extractor.

While the game doesn’t tell you this explicitly, many players have also discovered that the game offers a back bonus if you manage to weaken a Pal, make it lose its interest in you, and attempt to capture it again while it is unaware. Although the bonus isn’t very significant, it can certainly be a worthy attempt if you are trying to capture higher tiers of Pals.

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