How To Earn Free Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly Go


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How To Earn Free Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly Go

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Monopoly Go is currently hosting the Moonlight Treasures event, where players can collect pickaxes.
In this article, we'll guide you through tricks and tips to collect pickaxes as well as pickaxe tokens.

Monopoly Go, the digital rendition of the classic board game of Monopoly, has taken its gameplay to new heights with the introduction of captivating events like Egyptian Treasures and Moonlight Treasures. Central to these challenges are the precious pickaxe tokens, essential for unearthing artifacts and navigating intricate puzzles.

In this guide, we'll guide you on how to get free pickaxes and how to maximize your gameplay potential. Along with this, you'll also learn how to get free pickaxe tokens in Monopoly Go.

How to Get Free Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, pickaxe tokens aren't available for purchase with real cash through in-app purchases. Instead, players must engage in various events to earn these valuable tokens. Unlike standard point tokens, pickaxe tokens are rewards for participating in Milestone events, Tournaments, Quick Wins, and timely gifts. Explore the chance of obtaining them through free gift boxes, capitalizing on the daily opportunities offered by quick wins.

Progressing through event levels also yields pickaxe tokens, taking you to the next stage of the Moonlight Treasures event.

The following are some ways in which you can get free pickaxes in Monopoly Go:

1. Quick Wins

Quick Wins emerge as a vital strategy for obtaining pickaxe tokens efficiently. Completing all three Quick Wins before they refresh can net you four tokens each time. As Quick Wins refresh daily, it's imperative to seize this opportunity promptly as this will ensure a steady supply of pickaxes throughout any event.

2. Utilizing Free Gifts

Players can boost their pickaxe collection by claiming the free gifts available in the in-game shop every eight hours. This gift holds the potential to contain a few pickaxes, providing an additional avenue for players to accumulate these crucial tokens.

3. Social Media and Community Engagement

Monopoly Go's social media platforms and community forums act as valuable hubs for insights and occasional updates on free dice, indirectly contributing to collecting pickaxe tokens. Active engagement with these platforms provides timely information and strategies for optimizing in-game resources.

4. Employing Strategic Gameplay

Conserving pickaxe tokens for pivotal moments is crucial. By analyzing the layout and possible artifact locations in each mini-game, players can use fewer tokens to achieve their goals.

The ultimate key to amassing pickaxes lies in playing smart and conservatively. While some levels may pose challenges, employing skill and foresight can maximize your chances of success in events such as the Moonlight Treasures event.

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