Let’s look at how to connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus.


How to Connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus

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Pokemon Sleep is a recently launched app which lets you earn Pokemon in your sleep.
Niantic has added a feature which lets you connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go & Pokemon G Plus.
Let’s look at how to connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus.

Pokemon Sleep is a sleep-tracking app that rewards the user with Pokemon depending on the quality of their sleep. The app was first released in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Latin American countries for Android and iOS on 17th July 2023. You can also integrate Pokemon Sleep with Pokemon Go & Pokemon Go Plus to automatically claim rewards. Let’s look at how to connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus. 

How to Connect Pokemon Sleep to Pokemon Go & Pokemon Go Plus

You can track your sleep using Pokemon Go Plus in addition to utilizing it to engage with Gyms and PokeStops and capture Pokemon. You may earn prizes by tracking your sleep duration with Pokémon Go Plus. You must enable the Sleep Data option in order to be able to track your sleep. When you connect Pokemon Go to your Pokemon Go Plus device for the first time, a tutorial will appear with the opportunity to enable this setting. To alter this configuration:

  • In the Map View, tap the Main Menu button.

  • At the top right, tap the Settings button.

  • Tap Connected Devices and Services.

  • Tap Accessory Devices.

  • Scroll until you see Sleep Data.

  • Tap the toggle next to Share Sleep Data with Pokemon Go.

You may choose the time of day you want to get your sleep incentives after you share your sleep data. Additionally, this is when your daily sleep duration resets occur. The Pokemon Go Plus plus device settings offer the option to modify this at any moment. It should be noted that in order to receive your prizes each day, you must link your Pokemon Go Plus and check into Pokemon Go as prizes are not claimed automatically.

Your Trainer Profile's Sleep Activity section will record the amount of sleep you had the day before, and your Journal will now contain your prizes.

How to Track your Sleep for Pokemon Sleep

You have to track your sleep using the Pokemon Go Plus gadget in order to redeem your rewards. To track your sleep, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the Main Button on the Pokemon Go Plus until the indicator light glows blue and a lullaby plays, to initiate a sleep session before going to bed.

  • It should be noted that in order to start a sleep session, the Pokemon Go Plus plus has to be synced with Pokémon Go but not actively connected for gameplay.

  • When you wake up, stop your sleep session by holding the Pokémon Go Plus' Main Button until the indicator light flashes multicolored lights.

  • If the indicator light flashes red, it means that your sleep log was not correctly recorded or that your sleep period was less than 90 minutes.

  • Connect your Pokémon Go Plus to Pokémon Go to transmit your sleep data and get prizes.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to receive awards in Pokémon Go until you share your sleep data with the app. On the Pokémon Go Plus settings page, toggle this option. Pokémon Go Plus can also be used with a separate Pokémon app: Pokémon Sleep.

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