How to Check If Discord Servers Are Down

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Check If Discord&nbsp;Servers Are&nbsp;Down</p></div>
How to Check If Discord&nbsp;Servers Are&nbsp;Down



Discord is a popular communication application, especially among gamers.
When your discord server is glitching, it can be difficult to find out whether it's an issue from your end or from the application's end.
In this article, you'll find different ways to know if your discord server is down.

Discord is a very popular communication platform, especially for gamers. It has replaced the likes of TeamSpeak and Skype and made socializing fun and easy.

Imagine this: You open Discord on your device to chat with your friends and catch up with your favorite Discord server. However, as soon as you open the app, things are all over the place; the app is glitching, nothing is working and you're sitting there wondering if its your device, your internet or the application that's causing the issue.

Well, determining that can be difficult. There are many factors that can lead to the Discord servers going down. It can be your weak internet connection, faulty devices or an issue from the application's end. But, if you've stabilized your internet connection and the devices, then the Discord servers are probably down. Here is how you can determine that.

Is Discord Down?

Discord is a communication application available on various devices like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Playstation 5, and Web Browser. It is especially quite popular among gamers, allowing them to engage with each other while gaming through voice call.

There are various ways in which you can find out if your Discord server is down.

Ways to Know if Discord Servers Are Down

In order to find if the Discord servers are down, you can follow the given ways:

Check official Discord status

  1. Visit the official Discord status page.

  2. Scroll through the page and check out the status of the Discord servers in your region.

  3. If the page says that the server is 'operational', the issue is likely to be a fault on your end. However, if it says that the server has a 'partial outage' or a 'major outage', then you need not worry. This is because the fault is on Discord's end.

You will have to wait until the issue is resolved to continue using Discord.

Check the Official Discord Twitter

If the issue is on Discord's end, it is likely that the company will post about it on its official Twitter account. So, as soon as you are facing any issues with the application, you can also check out their official page on Twitter to know if the servers are down. It is likely that you will find other Discord users also tweeting about it.

These ways can help you know if the Discord server is down or not.

Some of the other fixes you could try are as follows:

  1. Restart Discord

  2. Check your internet connection and network

  3. Try accessing Discord from a different device.

  4. Disable VPN

  5. Clear Discord Cache

  6. Reinstall Discord

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