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Are Lost Ark Servers Down? How to Server Status & Fix Connection Issues

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If you're not able to connect to Lost Ark servers or get kicked out of the game, you might be facing server or connection issues.
Here's how you can check the Lost Ark server status and fix any connection issues you might face.

If you're reading this, you're most likely dealing with server issues while trying to play Lost Ark. Is the game down? Probably.

Just like any online game in 2023, Lost Ark is plagued by server issues. Sometimes, they just don't work or are down for regular maintenance. Of course, it's certainly something you don't hope to encounter in your favorite game, as it's incredibly frustrating.

To help you, we've compiled a list of ways to check the Lost Ark server status and fix any connection issues you might face. 

Lost Ark: Are the Servers Down?

Lost Ark: Are the Servers Down?

At the time of writing on 20th November, the Lost Ark servers are not down. The last scheduled maintenance for the game took place on 15h November to keep things tidy. 

Lost Ark: How to Check Server Status?

If you're dealing with server issues, there are multiple ways to check the Lost Ark server status –

  1. Visit the Lost Ark server status website; you'll be updated regularly with all the info on every server in every region.

  2. Follow the office's social media channels. Smilegate regularly updates players on server issues. It's, therefore, a good idea to keep an eye out on their official X page and other social media handles. 

  3. Since the release of Lost Ask, Downdetector has noted several reports about server issues that have occurred in the last 24 hours. The website is a reliable source when it comes to keeping a check on Lost Ark servers.

  4. Look around in the official forums. Lost Ark's official forums are a good way to find any new issues, including server status. If you're deep into the game and facing issues that haven't been reported yet, chances are you'll find something on the official forum.

Lost Ark: How to Fix Network Issues?

If you've checked the server status and it's not an update day, but you still can't play the game, it's probably an issue on your side. Here are some ways to fix Lost Ark network issues – 

  1. Ask your friends who also play Lork Ark if they're dealing with the same problem. If not, it's likely a local issue rather than a server one.

  2. If you have another PC, try connecting to the game with that system. If you can successfully connect with the second device, then it's certain that some configuration or setting on your main PC is causing issues connecting to the game server.

  3. Restart your internet connection, as it can be slowed down, and a well-timed restart can help get everything back into order.

  4. Try connecting without a VPN if you're using one.

And that's everything you need to know on Lost Ark servers and fix any connection issues you might be facing. Be sure to follow us, as we'll keep you updated on the latest Lost Ark news and guides. 

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