How to Acquire the Rhino Tank in Grand Theft Auto 5 or Online in 2023?


How to Acquire the Rhino Tank in Grand Theft Auto 5 or Online in 2023?

Surya Kumar
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Stealing the Rhino in GTA 5 requires you to travel to a specific location and deal with a 4-star wanted level.
Players can also purchase the tank through the Warstock Cache and Carry site, provided they have a Hangar and 3 Million dollars in their account.
Using the tank is not advisable in GTA Online as its slow-moving speed can become a serious disadvantage.

Stealing a tank and terrorizing the neighborhood is certainly one of the most entertaining aspects of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games from the beginning. These military vehicles can be accessed in almost every title so far and although they are pretty slow, they can still deal massive amounts of damage and destruction, thanks to their powerful canon.

Causing chaos in the single-player mode with a tank is something that every GTA player must experience at least once. It truly showcases the free-roam ability of these titles along with all the enticing gunfights that happen as the cops try to get rid of this seemingly unstoppable military tank roaming the city streets. If you are new to GTA 5 or if you are simply trying to figure out ways to acquire the Rhino, here’s what you need to do.

Getting the Rhino in Grand Theft Auto 5 

The Rhino that appears in GTA 5 and its Online mode is based on the German Leopard 2A4, the South African TTD Prototype, and the Japanese Type 90 tank. The vehicle’s highlight is the 120mm cannon which utterly decimates your opponents. It is great when you are dealing with a huge military convoy or any helicopters up in the air. It is still one of the deadliest vehicles in the single-player campaign mode and acquiring one would mean you have to break into the Zancudo Fort and steal the one that is usually patrolling around the base.

Beware that entering the base will give you a 4-star wanted level which might be pretty difficult to escape, as you will now have to move around in a slow but bulletproof tank from that point. Although it is certainly better than simply hijacking one after you reach the maximum 5-star wanted level.

If you wish to take a calmer approach, you can try legally purchasing the Rhino from the Warstock Cache and Carry site for a whopping $3,000,000. Do note that pre-requisites include owning a Hangar which will unlock after the quest called Nervous Ron. You also need to be Michael or Franklin to purchase it and it will cost you $1,378,600.

Getting the Rhino in GTA Online

Accessing the Rhino in GTA Online is a straightforward deal of owning $1,500,000 and purchasing it from Warstock Cache and Carry. After the addition of numerous other weaponry and vehicles, the tank is simply too slow in comparison to these newer additions and would be a serious disadvantage in head-to-head combat. If you are persistent, you can use these ways to stack up some cash and purchase it.

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