Here’s How You Can Quickly Earn Money in GTA Online in 2023


Here’s How You Can Quickly Earn Money in GTA Online in 2023

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Earning some quick cash in GTA Online requires you to engage in activities like heists, auto shop contracts, payphone hits, etc.
Keep in mind that setting up these methods might require you to make investments up to 5 Million.

Playing GTA Online can be quite an ordeal if you are trying to save up money from your organized criminal enterprises. While there are numerous tasks you can engage in to build up a fortune, they often require you to have an investment of over $5 Million. If you are wondering about other such lucrative revenue streams, we have a list of things you can do to quickly stack up some cash. 

Although the simplest thing you can do is to buy a GTA Online Shark card, you need not have to spend your real-world money for the most part. You can also attempt to build a GTA Online Career Builder to make a few million dollars, the city of Los Santos will also provide you with other ways.

Fastest Methods to Make Money in GTA Online


If you have a friend with a high-end apartment, getting yourself involved in heists can be the best way to make money. Although you need to meet a specific skill level to complete them efficiently, doing so will make sure your bank balance rises up rapidly. You might also attempt to do the Doomsday heist if you only have 3 members but they do require a higher initial cost as you need an expensive facility to execute them. Players can potentially earn up to $400K per hour if they are successful in their pursuits. You can also do these two heists:

  • The Cay Perico heist: More than $2.5 Million per player

  • The Diamond Casino heist: You can make a total of $ 11 Million if you are playing on Hard Mode.

Special and Vehicle Cargo Missions

Engaging in cargo jobs has the potential to let you make the most amount of money in an hour. Although it requires you to have a warehouse and an office building, once you reach the initial goal of sourcing 10 standard and mid-range cars, you simply need to steal a top-range car after that whenever the timer is reset. You have the potential to make over $300,000 an hour.

Auto Shop Client Contracts

This can be considered as one of the reliable ways to make money in GTA Online. It requires you to customize and deliver your client’s cars to their doorsteps. You might earn up to $50,000 per delivery, provided you do not scratch up the vehicle. You can also choose to either do the delivery yourself or send one of your staff members.

Auto Shop Robbery Contracts

Getting access to such contracts requires you to set up an auto shop business and then complete the impounded cars setlist. Once that is done, you will unlock a job board in front of your office which will help you engage in robberies that are essentially mini-heists. You can complete a total of eight contracts and complete the Union Depository quest to earn a reward of $300,000.

Payphone Hits

After purchasing an agency and completing three security contracts, you will unlock access to GTA Online Payphone Hits as a standalone option either by answering a ringing phone or by calling Franklin and requesting a hit. These assassinations normally give you a payout of $15,000, however, you will make an extra $70,000 if you meet the bonus requirements. Keep in mind that there is a 20-minute cooldown after every attempt so you can probably complete two of these in an hour.

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