How Much Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Cost?


How Much Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Cost?

Surya Kumar
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Take-Two Interactive’s CEO says that although GTA 6 will use AI tools in its development, it does not mean that the price tag will go down.
Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be priced somewhere between $70 to $90, similar to new and upcoming AAA titles.

After years of speculatory Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) content floating around online, we have finally received an official time frame for the release of the first announcement trailer of the upcoming title from Rockstar’s stables. This has led to even further rumors on online sites and forums, exploring numerous elements of the game. 

Although the leaks have provided a general idea of what to expect from the title, one thing that it did not confirm is the final selling price. With numerous upcoming titles being priced at USD $70-80, fans are speculating the latest GTA to match or exceed this price. Let’s delve into it.

Take-Two Interactive’s CEO Says “ Don’t Expect the Price Tags to Go Down”

Although previous rumors suggested absurd claims such as the game having a USD $150 price and a 750 GB file size, we have gotten a more reasonable assumption thanks to a recent earnings call where Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke about the GTA title in development.

He mentions the current state of AI tech in game development which could help with the development of large-scale projects such as this upcoming entry in the franchise. Zelnick says “ We've been in the AI business since the dawn of this industry. Our entertainment properties are created largely in and by computers. We value tools. We create those tools internally, and we license tools as well. The new developments in AI are really exciting, and I've said publicly and repeatedly that I believe that they'll help create efficiency.”

Although the topic of using AI in game development has been pretty controversial, it makes sense that large-scale developers such as Rockstar would implement this technology. However, the CEO says that although this technology would allow them to do things they were unable to accomplish previously, their competitors would also have access to the same tech. He further says that he does not believe it will replace creative people in the industry nor will it automatically create hit games. He says that new toolsets like this just raise the bar to do more and do better.

Zelnick adds ”They give us the opportunity to do more and do better. The changes will be - menial work will probably be reduced or eliminated; high-level work will be enhanced in importance. You'll see shifts in what we can do with our games ... That's our story, our strategy is to be the most creative, the most innovative, and the most efficient company in the business, and I think AI probably ticks all three boxes. But don't expect the price tags to go down. Just expect everything to get better, and competition probably to become more intense for people who are not able to avail themselves of the resources that we can afford." 

This gives us a glimpse into the development process for Grand Theft Auto 6. Although the use of AI will make the process easier, it will not compromise the quality of the title and it will only push the developers to do better. Considering this information and the pricing of new and upcoming AAA titles, we can expect GTA 6 to be priced somewhere between USD $70-90, which is reasonable for a game of this stature.

Do keep in mind that this price is based on speculation from reliable sources and it has not yet been confirmed by Rockstar or Take-Two. A new pricing model might be announced anytime before the game’s release date.

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