How Many Levels Are There in Monopoly GO?


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How Many Levels Are There in Monopoly GO?

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While Monopoly GO! doesn't have a traditional leveling system with set numbers, the net worth tier is the primary progression system.
The highest recorded net worth tier reached by a player so far is 1774 as of January 2024.

Monopoly GO! takes the classic Monopoly formula and injects it with a mobile twist, offering a faster-paced and social experience. Monopoly GO! boasts of hundreds of boards, each with its own theme and landmarks. These unlock as you progress, offering fresh environments and challenges. If you are wondering exactly how many levels are there in Monopoly GO, here's what you need to know.

Monopoly GO!'s Leveling System Explained

While Monopoly GO! doesn't have a traditional leveling system with set numbers, it does feature two aspects that could be considered levels:

The game has over 500 unique boards you can unlock and play on. New boards are added very frequently and we are likely to have more than 600 boards in just a few months.

As you progress in the game, your net worth increases by buying properties, completing sets, and earning rewards. This unlocks various net worth tiers that offer higher rewards, new dice, and a higher position on the global leaderboard. While not explicitly called levels, these tiers provide a sense of progression and accomplishment. The highest recorded net worth tier reached by a player so far is 1774.

How to Increase Your Level in Monopoly GO!

In Monopoly GO!, net worth tiers represent your progress and achievements within the game. They function similarly to levels in other games, but instead of being numbered, they are unlocked based on your total net worth. As your net worth increases, you'll climb through various tiers, each offering exciting rewards and benefits.

Here's a breakdown of net worth tiers:

How to climb tiers:

  • Build your property portfolio: Buying and developing properties on a board increases your net worth. Complete color sets by owning all properties of the same color for a significant boost.

  • Upgrade Landmarks: Invest in your Landmarks on each board to enhance their rent-generating capability and boost your net worth.

  • Complete Challenges: Throughout the game, you'll encounter various challenges that offer net worth rewards upon completion.

Why You Should Level Your Net Worth Tier

  • Unlock new dice: Each tier unlocks additional dice faces, offering more strategic rolling options and potentially higher rolls.

  • Increased rewards: Higher tiers grant better rewards for completing activities like completing sets, winning boards, and participating in events.

  • Boosted income: You'll receive more money from Shutdowns, a mini-game where you can attack opponents' Landmarks.

  • Improved shields capacity: Shields protect your properties from Shutdowns and negative events. Higher tiers allow you to hold more shields for better protection.

  • Leaderboard recognition: Climb the global leaderboard and flaunt your net worth, showcasing your prowess to other players.

So, while Monopoly GO! doesn't have fixed level numbers, it offers a vast amount of content and challenges to keep you engaged through unlocking new boards and climbing the net worth tiers. The journey doesn't have a definitive end, so you can keep playing and exploring for as long as you enjoy the game!

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