Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links (January 2024)


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Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links (January 2024)

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Here are all of the free dice roll links for Monopoly GO in 2024.
These links are time-sensitive, so claim them as soon as possible.

While purchasing dice rolls in Monopoly GO with real money is always an option, there are ample opportunities to acquire them for free. The easiest way to get rolls involves daily logins, where players are generously rewarded with free dice rolls for simply hopping into the game each day. Additionally, inviting friends to join the game can result in extra dice rolls as a gesture of appreciation. But if you are looking for even more free rolls, here are all of the active free dice roll links for Monopoly GO in January 2024.

All Free Dice Roll Links in Monopoly Go in January 2024

These are all of the active dice roll links in Monopoly Go right now:

These links are time-sensitive, so claim them as soon as possible. You need to be at least level 15 and have unlocked the "Album" feature to redeem Dice Links. Clicking a link should automatically open Monopoly GO and credit you with the rolls.

Why Can't I Claim Monopoly GO Dice Rolls?

To redeem dice links, players must meet specific requirements. They need to attain at least level 15 in Monopoly Go, and the 'Album' feature must be unlocked. Once these prerequisites are met, players can directly open the dice links within the Monopoly Go app to claim their free dice rolls.

Additional Ways to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

  • Quick Wins: Complete daily challenges and missions for free rolls.

  • Daily Treats: Open the game every day to progress a bar and earn rewards, including rolls.

  • Community Chest: Help friends open their Community Chests for 10 free rolls each.

  • Landing on Shields: If you have full shields and land on a shield tile, your last roll cost gets refunded as free rolls.

  • Auto Regeneration: Depending on your net worth, you get free dice rolls every 60 minutes.

  • Free Gift: Check the store every 18 hours for a free gift, which often includes rolls.

  • Connect with Facebook and invite friends: Gain bonus rolls and rewards for connecting with friends.

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