How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?</p></div>
How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is launching exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on 20th October.
We can expect the game to have the same playtime as the original 2018 Spider-Man.
In order to complete this game, you will have to spend roughly 17 hours on the main and side missions.

The upcoming Spider-Man title by Insomniac has got several fans waiting in anticipation of its release. This will be the studio’s third entry into the series following the success of the 2018 Spider-Man and the 2020 Miles Morales. This new title will feature the protagonists from both the previous entries and their stories will be convoluted. Players can swap between the two whenever they feel like using their varied abilities. 

Apart from this, the game also offers an extended map of New York City with the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, along with an iconic location like Coney Island. Considering that this latest title will feature improved elements from the older games, many might be wondering about the time it takes to fully beat the game. Let’s dive right in and figure it out.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

While there have not been any official numbers from Insomniac, Ryan Smith, the studio’s Senior Game Director has mentioned in an interview with VG247, that the new title will be in the same ballpark as the first game in terms of its playtime. Considering this, we can expect over 17 hours to complete the main and most of the side quests. However, if you are a completionist and you are aiming to hit Platinum, it will take you around 35-38 hours to finish the entirety of the game. This includes all collectibles, all activities, side quests, and campaign missions. You will most likely have to acquire all of your skill upgrades as well as receive all gadget and suit upgrades.

Smith also said “ We don’t want this to be an 80-100 hour game, that’s not where we want to be. We want to tell amazing stories, the best we can. We want to make every mission really, really memorable. That’s our goal, rather than going super, super broad.”

This gives us more ideas in terms of the game’s focused narrative rather than letting players explore the game freely which would provide a more open-world sandbox-style experience. The studio has always been skilled at showcasing depth in its narratives and we can be sure that the same will be delivered with this upcoming title as well. Even though the game is not very broad in terms of its length, it will still provide engaging gameplay mixed with an enticing storyline.  

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