How Long Does it Take to Beat Lies of P?


How Long Does it Take to Beat Lies of P?

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Lies of P offers a captivating and lengthy journey for players, with an average playthrough estimated at around 30 to 40 hours.
However, your actual playtime will depend on your skill level, approach to the game, and whether you choose to explore all the game's secrets and endings.
In this article, we'll explore the various estimates of Lies of P's playtime and factors that can influence it.

"Lies of P," the dark and challenging Soulslike game developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. But as players delve into the eerie world of Krat as Pinocchio, they may wonder just how long this haunting adventure will last. In this guide, we'll explore the different estimates for completing "Lies of P" and provide insights into the factors that influence playtime.

Official Estimates for the length of Lies of P

Developers often provide estimates for how long it takes to complete their games, but these estimates can be somewhat optimistic. In the case of "Lies of P," developers initially claimed that the game could be finished in approximately 30 hours.

For the average player who thoroughly explores the game, completes side quests, and engages in optional content, "Lies of P" typically takes around 35 hours to complete. This playthrough includes tackling all the challenging boss fights, discovering the game's secrets, and fully immersing oneself in the twisted world of Krat.

Skill Level Matters

The time it takes to beat Lies of P is heavily influenced by your skill level, particularly when facing challenging boss fights. Players who are familiar with Soulslike games may complete the game in approximately 30 hours or even less. On the other hand, less experienced players or those who prefer thorough exploration may take longer to finish.

Game Structure and Content

Lies of P offers a diverse gaming experience with 11 distinct chapters to complete. Each chapter presents unique areas to explore and secrets to uncover. The game's nonlinear structure and optional side quests contribute to its overall length. Furthermore, Lies of P includes New Game+ and multiple endings, enhancing its replayability.

Comparing to Other Soulslikes

In comparison to some other Soulslike titles, Lies of P falls somewhere in the middle in terms of length. While it may not reach the 80-hour mark, it offers more content, including side quests, secret routes, and NPC quests, compared to earlier Soulslike games from previous decades.

Multiple Endings

"Lies of P" offers an intriguing narrative mechanic where player choices influence the game's outcome. There are three different endings to uncover, and achieving them all adds considerable gameplay time. To experience all the endings and explore the various narrative paths, expect to invest at least 70 hours into the game.

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