How Does the Scanning Mechanism Work in Starfield?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Does the Scanning Mechanism Work in Starfield?</p></div>
How Does the Scanning Mechanism Work in Starfield?


Scanning is a basic yet crucial feature that provides a ton of information about Starfield’s colossal universe.
There are a lot of things you can examine using scanning such as a planet’s inorganic materials, flora, fauna, etc.
The Hand Scanner also helps you be prepared and anticipate combat situations.

Starfield incorporates a lot of complex mechanisms to provide players with an immersive space RPG experience. One such mechanism is using the Hand Scanner which acts as one of the most useful ways to understand new information in the game. If you are a fan of Fallout games, using this scanner would be a breeze, as it is very similar to how the VAT system worked in that title. Once the scanner is engaged you will come across various points of interest spread across Starfield’s colossal collection of a thousand planets. Let’s take a further look.

How does the Hand Scanner work?

It is no surprise that Bethesda’s brand-new Sci-Fi RPG allows players to scan through their environment. Essentially, this alters the way you perceive in-game things such as flora, fauna, weapons, items, planets, and enemies.

In order to use the scanner, you must press LB on Xbox and F on PC. This will open the HUD for scanning mode and then you must press A on Xbox and E on PC to receive information about the focused target. This will be visible on a small survey box on the left side of your screen right above the mini-map. You will also have a scanner for your ship which comes in handy during space combat.

What Can You Examine by Using the Hand Scanner?

What Can You Examine by Using the Hand Scanner?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of things to scan in Starfield’s massive world. They are:

Receive Information About a Planet: As you embark on a journey through the game’s array of planets, you can use your Hand Scanner to survey its contents. You can take a look at the planet’s flora and fauna as well as materials such as rare rocks and ores that can be used for crafting or upgrades.

Uncover Points of Interest: Once you enter scanning mode and inspect through the large reticle, you will unveil icons that indicate nearby points of interest and the type of location it is.

Fast Travel: You can also highlight your ship or your previously visited locations to fast travel to them. Keep in mind that this only works while you are outdoors and on foot. Indoor locations are usually separated by the game’s loading screens.

Photo Mode: You can also click pictures of enticing things that you encounter while venturing out into the cosmos. All you need to do is open the scanning mode and press RS or V. You can also access the surface map. By clicking on the RB or G.

Scope Out Enemies, NPCs, and Items: Using the scanner during combat situations would reveal enemies, allowing you to be prepared for a fight and not get surprised or ambushed by them. It can also come in handy while you are looting, as it highlights chests that might be easy to miss.

How Can You Upgrade Starfield’s Scanner?

To enhance the Hand Scanner’s abilities, you must upgrade it by unlocking perks in the Science skill tree. They are separated into Scanning, Surveying, and Astrophysics

  • Scanning will allow you to easily detect rare materials on planet surfaces

  • Unlocking the Surveying skill will increase the range and zoom distance of the scanner

  • Astrophysics will come in handy as you are venturing out on your ship. It upgrades its scanner by increasing its surveying range.

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