How Do You Add Workbenches to Ships in Starfield?


How Do You Add Workbenches to Ships in Starfield?

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Workbenches in Starfield play an important role if you find yourself with the need to upgrade your weapons, armor, and spacesuit while you are out exploring.
You can add workbenches by visiting a Ship Service Technician found in any of the game’s outposts and settlements.

Bethesda’s giant space RPG provides an array of customization options for several things in-game. Although the options are vast, the game does not walk you through it, making the process a little less intuitive. Starfield allows you to explore the cosmos through your spaceship, which makes shipbuilding and customization an integral part of the game. However, going through these options can feel like a hassle and you might end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Worry not as we will help you customize and add utilities to your ship which will allow you to craft various mods and upgrade weapons, armor, etc.

Adding Workbenches in Starfield

Although workbenches are available in various locations in Starfield’s world, it seems like a compelling option to have it onboard, especially if you consider yourself a seasoned explorer. You might have come across things like passenger and crew count but building workbenches is not exactly laid out. In order to do so, you might want to visit a Ship Service Technician.

Once you enter that menu, head into Ship Builder, and you will find various options that you can place or replace on your ship. You need to navigate to the Habs tab which basically allows you to integrate various habitats into your ship like armory, infirmary, etc. If you want to add weapons, armor, and spacesuit workbenches, you will need to select from the different Workshop options that the game provides. Here are all of them:

  • HopeTech Workshop 2x1

  • Taiyo Workshop 2x1 Top A

  • Taiyo Workshop 2x1 Top B

  • Taiyo Workshop 2x1 Mid

  • Taiyo Workshop 2x1 Bottom A

  • Taiyo Workshop 2x1 Bottom B

  • Stroud Workshop 2x1

It is important to note that each of these workshops serves the same core function of providing you with a Weapon Workbench, Industrial Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, and a Research Bay. Essentially, they are the same habitats but they do have a difference in their manufacturer.

What Other Options Can You Find in the Ship Builder?

Apart from workbenches, you can also add other habitats such as an Amrory, Infirmary, Control Station, etc. that will grant you with various additions. Here are some of those Habs Modules:

  •  All-in-one: Adds a navigation console, bed, galley and passenger slots

  • Infirmary: Provides a pharmaceutical lab and a research lab

  • Armory: Displays weapons and adds storage

  • Mess Hall: Adds a cooking station and a galley

  • Control Station: Provides a crew station, storage, and a galley 

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