How Different Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 From Its Predecessor?


How Different Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 From Its Predecessor?

If it ain't broke dont fix it, right?

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Dragon’s Dogma 1 was released on 22nd May 2012, followed by the Dark Arisen expansion in 2013, which added 10 to 15 hours of content, new items, certain overhauls, skill upgrades, etc.
Dragon’s Dogma 2 is set in a parallel universe mirroring the first game, which aims to tell the Arisen’s tale on a much deeper level.

Capcom is gearing up to release the highly awaited sequel to 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma on 22nd March for current-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as a PC version. Excitement is at an all-time high, as fans of the ARPG are expecting the upcoming game to feature improved graphics, gameplay mechanics, and an enticing new narrative. Despite the anticipation, some veterans of the series pointed out striking similarities between Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2) and the first game. So, just how different are they? Let’s dive in and find out!

All Major Differences Between Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon’s Dogma 2

Although Dragon’s Dogma 2 is built on the RE engine, the developers intended the game to be an overhauled version of the first game. This means that most of the core gameplay elements will remain the same, although with a few quality-of-life enhancements to offer a more refined ARPG experience. 

Here are some of the most notable differences between the first and the upcoming game:

  • Bigger Map: Dragon’s Dogma 2 will feature a map that is four times bigger than the first game. Apart from the increased size, there won't be much wasted space and areas will also be more densely populated with flora and fauna.

  • Oxcart System: While the first game used a Ferrystone or the Portcrystal to enable fast travel, DD2 will feature Oxcart services that will travel along specific paths and add a new layer to traversal and exploration in the series. This system will be limited and it will have certain quirks such as being inoperable at night due to fear of attacks from monsters and bandits.

  • Enhanced Vocations: Dragon’s Dogma 2 will feature 10 different Vocations, an improvement over the 9 different classes in both Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Arisen. Additionally, the upcoming game emphasizes learning or switching to a new vocation by maintaining a good relationship with Vocation Maisters rather than simply leveling up your build.

  • Dragonsplague Illness: This is a brand-new feature added to the overhauled Pawn system from the first game. While there are enhancements to certain functionalities of the Pawns, they will now be affected by a condition called Dragonsplague which will surprisingly buff their stats and abilities. However, when the disease reaches its terminal stage, you will face unknown catastrophic effects.

  • Improved NPC Interactions: Unlike the 2012 game, NPCs in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will form bonds with one another and exhibit various emotions depending on their mood. They will also have dynamic interactions with the Arisen depending on the current in-game scenario, even approaching you for favors.

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