How Can You Get to the Sanctum of the Architect in Last Epoch?


How Can You Get to the Sanctum of the Architect in Last Epoch?

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The Sanctum of the Architect holds Liath, a human cult member of Lagon, the God of the Western Seas.
This Sanctum is located in the Divine Era beside the Temple of Lagon region in the Isle of Storms.
You will also encounter Architect Liath as a level 75 Monolith of Fate miniboss in Ending the Storm Timeline.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch contains numerous locations spanning various periods, each offering various rewards such as Exalted Items, weapons, armor, and more, in exchange for conquering the region and taking down formidable bosses. A notable example is Architect Liath, a Lagonian Cultist who is granted immortality in return for her unwavering loyalty. 

You will encounter her during chapter 8 of the main campaign, inside the aptly named Sanctum of the Architect, an area players are directed to after receiving a prophecy from the Circle of Fortune. Unfortunately, many players struggle to locate this Sanctum, hindering their progress through the game. Worry not, as this guide will help you get to the location and conquer this deadly foe.  

The Sanctum of Architect Is Located in the Divine Era

Once you are in the Divine Era, scroll left and reach the West end of the Last Epoch Map to spot the Sanctum of the Architect inside the Isle of Storms. You need to get to The Temple of Lagon teleport point and keep traversing through the area until you reach The Temple Depths, where you will find a doorway to reach the Sanctum.

doorway to sanctum

Considering that the Lagon Temple and the Sanctum of the Architect are level 50+ regions, you will encounter numerous foes such as:

  • Adrift Meruna

  • Thuluraan

  • Twinned Meruna Ogre of Shadows

  • Meruna Siren

  • Lumoraan

  • Adrift Meruna of the Lizard

  • Lagon’s Tentacle

Most of these enemies including Architect Liath herself yield Lightning attacks so players are recommended to buff their Lightning Resistance and increase their ability to Leech health to tackle hordes of these enemies. If you wish to take your time to fight against Architect Liath, make sure you return only using your portal, as other methods will reset your progress through The Temple Depths, respawning all the fallen enemies.

architect liath

Once you begin your battle against Liath, watch out for her white hazes on the ground to time your dodges against her lightning strikes. You must also be wary of the constructs that she spawns once her health bar begins to drop. Additionally, she will use her teleportation ability to her advantage, and even summon Lightning mines to trick you.

If you tackle all of her attacks, you will be rewarded with three Exalted Rings as a reward for fulfilling the Destrier Mesembria Prophecy. Players are directed toward the Sanctum of the Architect after hearing the Prophecy which foretells the death of Architect Liath, a necessary event to further progress through the Lagon campaign, eventually battling the Ruler of the Western Seas himself.

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