Here’s What You Need to Know About Ward in Last Epoch


Here’s What You Need to Know About Ward in Last Epoch

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Last Epoch is shaping into an incredible ARPG, offering unique item customization, class system, and several build options.
Are you wondering what's Ward in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you with this unique mechanic in Last Epoch.

Undoubtedly, Last Epoch is an exciting new addition to the action RPG genre. The game takes the best mechanics from other RPGs and adds new twists. One of the unique mechanics in the game is called 'Ward,' and it can be a complete game changer once you understand it. In this guide, we'll reveal everything you need to know about Ward in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: What is Ward?

In Last Epoch, Ward is basically a magic shield that protects your health meter and can be cracked over time. If you have Ward, taking damage will first deplete your Ward meter before hitting your HP meter. To get Ward, you must locate gear that has the attribute or generate it from skills. Every Class gets a different amount of Ward from the game. Depending on your Class, you may have to work harder to get a solid protective Ward. A bluish tint over a health circle indicates this magic shield's presence, accompanied by a numerical value showing the current protection level. 

Here’s What You Need to Know About Ward in Last Epoch


Last Epoch: How Does Ward Work?

Players must manage Ward effectively in order to enhance their character's survivability. Initially, players will start without any Ward, but it can be crafted and produced with various skills, specific gear, and effects. Each Class in the game has different skills and passives that can help you generate and retain Ward. 

Two stats that assist your protective shield are 'Ward Per Second' and 'Ward Retention.' The 'War Retention' is crucial to slowing down your Ward's decay rate. Without it, a character will lose half of their Ward every 1.73 seconds. Some items offer Ward regeneration, which can passively increase Ward Level. A 'Resting Level' will be generated for your Ward, toward which it would naturally head.

You must focus on integrating Ward Retention and regeneration strategies with careful item selection. This approach would slow down Ward depletion and help ensure a constant, regenerative shield protecting you against incoming damage.

That's everything you need to know about Ward in Last Epoch. For more guides, check out how you can craft Legendary items in Last Epoch

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