Here’s How You Can Start And Complete the “Fowl Beasts” Quest in WoW Dragonflight


Here’s How You Can Start And Complete the “Fowl Beasts” Quest in WoW Dragonflight

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The ‘Fowl Beasts’ daily quest requires you to head to Eon’s Fringe and speak to Nathanos Marris.
Upon slaying “the beasts”, you will be rewarded with Soridormi Reputation points along with Paracausal Flakes and some Gold.

Fowl Beasts is one of the many daily quests present within World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight that begin at Eon’s Fringe. Besides adding progress towards obtaining the “Fringe Benefits” achievement, this quest helps you enrich your reputation with Soridormi, who is a major faction in Eon’s Fringe. As long as you have potent gear, this is one of the most straightforward quests within the game. Without further ado, here’s how you can start and complete Fowl Beasts in WoW Dragonflight.

The “Fowl Beasts” Quest in WoW Dragonflight

As mentioned above, starting this daily quest requires you to head to Eon’s Fringe and find Nathanos Marris inside the Everywhere Inn (coordinates 52.2, 81.8). This human NPC will be dressed up in green and gold armor and leaning against the wall, making him easier to spot.  Talking to Marris will reveal that horrific creatures in the south are apparently the cause of his Time Displacement and you are tasked with slaying them.

Nathanos Marris

The objective demands you travel to Winterpelt Hollow in Azure Span and slay 10 of these “Fowl Beasts”. Upon reaching, you will realize that Nathanos is pretty much delusional, as these monstrous creatures he’s referring to are just ducks and their loud quacks. While you can argue with Marris after slaying them, he will still be defensive, stating that they are indeed “monstrous beings of Eldritch Origin”.

Fowl Beasts

The exact question location is just a short flight on your mount from Eon’s Fringe and land at coordinates (68, 12). As long as you have decent gear for your level, taking them out shouldn’t be that difficult as they tend to die in two or three hits at most. Their spawn rate is also pretty potent and you can be done with it in under 5 minutes.

After killing 10 of them, return and speak to Nathanos Marris who says that he can still hear their quacking. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with 30 Soridormi Recognition along with the possibility of getting  Level 70 Encapsulated Destiny Item, and 70 Paracausal Flakes. You may also get 9,050 XP which makes this one of the most effective daily missions in the game.

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