Here’s How You Can Skip the Queue in Last Epoch


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Here’s How You Can Skip the Queue in Last Epoch

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There's no doubt that Last Epoch is an incredible game, but only if you can log in and play it.
Are you wondering how to skip the queue in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you!

In today’s landscape, it’s becoming increasingly common for games to have issues at their launch, and Last Epoch is no different. While the developers have implemented various fixes and increased their server capacity, these measures haven’t proven to be enough. A lot of players have found themselves in queues when trying to log in, which does not seem to be moving. Fortunately, there are some clever tricks that you can use to skip the queue in Last Epoch altogether.

Last Epoch: How to Skip Queues?

The main reason for queue-related problems lies in the game’s unexpected popularity post-launch. Despite the developer’s best efforts to prepare for a significant release, the sheer volume has exceeded all forecasts, resulting in server overloads. If you’re facing long queues and are eager to explore the world of Last Epoch, there are several ways to skip queues - 

Change Region

You can skip the queue in Last Epoch by switching to a low-population country’s server. This will allow you to get into the game faster without having to wait for an unfair amount of time. Although it’s a workaround, hopefully, the developers will fix the queue related issues soon. Here’s how you can change region in Last Epoch – 

  1. Open the game

  2. In the server selection screen, choose the region with a lower-population server.

Once you’re connected and playing the game, you can change the server to whatever you want again. 

Here’s How You Can Skip the Queue in Last Epoch

Last Epoch

Restart Last Epoch

You can try restarting the game and Steam. Exit Last Epoch, and close Steam completely. Once you’ve done that, open Steam again and launch Last Epoch. This method has helped a lot of players get past long queue times. It can also allow the game to update and fix the issue.

Restart Router

Although this method doesn’t work for everyone, it’s worth a shot. Simply unplug your router, wait for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This can clear any bugs that might be causing issues with the servers connecting to your IP address.

Wait for a Game Update

If none of the tricks above have worked for you, all you can do is keep an eye out for Eleventh Hour Games to address the server issues and release a hotfix. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to skip the queue in Last Epoch. For more guides, check out how you can find Void Horror in Last Epoch.

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