Here’s How You Can Get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch

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Wraithlord's Harbour is one of the rarest drops you can in Last Epoch, which can significantly boost your character's stats.
Are you wondering how to get Wraithlord's Harbour in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you get this item.

In Last Epoch, players focus on upgrading their equipment and building to go against waves of enemies more efficiently. After all, it’s a hack-and-slash game, just like Path of Exile and Diablo. Players are always on the hunt for items that can enhance their build, and one such item is Wraithlord’s Harbour Helmet. It’s an incredibly powerful item with highly desirable effects and can be used in a variety of builds. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: How Can You Unlock Wraithlord’s Harbour?

There’s no doubt that Wraithlord’s Harbour is one of the best items in the game due to its incredible effects and unique origin story. It was designed by Stranger Things star David Harbour. However, obtaining this unique helmet can be quite tricky as 

Wratihlord’s Harbour is a rare drop in the game. Here are a few ways through which you can obtain this item - 

Complete The Black Sun Timeline

The best way to get Wraithlord’s Harbour is by finishing The Black Sun timeline in the Monolith of Fate. This will provide you with a range of exclusive Echo rewards, which can include Unique or Set Helmet items. The Wraithlord’s Harbour is among the potential drops you can get. 

To unlock the Black Sun Timeline, you need to finish the Fall of the Outcasts timeline. This timeline will be set at level 66, with a total stability of 550. However, the best chance of getting Wraithlord’s Harbour as a drop is in the Empowered Black Sun Monolith.

Use Forge

You can use the Forge and a Rune of Ascendence if you don’t want to venture out and go against powerful enemies. This will allow you to change an existing item to a Unique or Set item. However, you’ll receive a wide range of items from this method, and the chances of obtaining Wraithlord’s Harbour are quite slim. 

Here’s How You Can Get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch

Join the Circle of Fortune

Another way to get your hands on Wraithlord’s Harbour is by joining the Circle of Fortune and purchasing the Focusing Lens of the Crown directly. This provides a better chance of getting a Prophecy that can grant you Unique Helmets as a reward.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch. For more guides, check out how you can get Frostbite Shackles gloves in Last Epoch.

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