Here’s How You Can Get Frostbite Shackles Gloves in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Get Frostbite Shackles Gloves in Last Epoch

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Frostbite Shackles is one of the best items you can unlock in Last Epoch that can amplify your character's abilities.
Are you wondering how to unlock Forstbite Shackles gloves in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you.

Getting your hands on the best gear in Last Epoch can prove to be the difference between life and terrible run-ending death. One set of gloves you can unlock to help on that front is the unique item called Frostbite Shackles. However, obtaining it can be tricky due to challenging opponents and drop rates. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can easily get Frostbite Shackles gloves in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: How to Get Frostbite Shackles Gloves?

The Frostbite Shackles are one of the rarest drops in the game, which can be obtained by defeating the Formosus the Undying in the Frost, Blood, and Death Timeline. Remember that the area’s minimum level needs to be 74 before this item is dropped. To increase your chance of obtaining Frostbite Shackles, you should farm for the shackles in the Empowered Monoliths.

Last Epoch: How Can You Defeat Formosus the Undying?

As you’ll have to battle Formosus the Undying to get your hands on Frostbite Shackles, here are a few things you must keep in mind - 

  • As he outputs Cold and Necrotic damage, you must improve your resistance to these.

  • He has four minions that will fight alongside him and can be resurrected. The only thing you need to take care of is the Matriarch, as she’s incredibly fast, and her jump slam can deal tremendous damage. You must take down the three minions and then focus on the Matriarch, as Formosus can revive one at a time. 

  • Formosus can also summon Frost Spirit and Ice Whirlwinds. You can tank the damage to deal with Frost Spirit, as it won’t be that much. Ice Whirlwinds tend to move quite slowly; you can avoid them.

  • Formosus can also output Necrotic Beam. It’s the only attack you must avoid from his arsenal as it gets stronger over time. 

  • He can also create an Ice Patch, which is easy to see on the ground. While it doesn’t deal damage, it can slow you down.

The way to beat Formosus is by trying to avoid his attacks and the Matriarch’s slam. You must keep dealing damage, and eventually, you’ll take out Formosus.

Here’s How You Can Get Frostbite Shackles Gloves in Last Epoch

Last Epoch: Frostbite Shackles Stats

Here are all the stats for Frostbite Shackles in Last Epoch – 

  • +32 Armor

  • +103% to 143% Chance to apply Frostbite on Hit

  • 23% to 33% Enhanced Frostbite Duration

  • +143% to 183% Enhanced Freeze Rate Multiplier

  • 13 to 23 Ward Gain on Freeze

These gloves are perfect for several classes, including Frost Claw Runemaster, Dual-Form Ward Druid, and more. So, if you are in the game’s later stages and want more powerful tools at your disposal, take down Formosus the Undying to get your hands on these gloves.

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