Here's How You Can Fix LE-65 Error in Last Epoch


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Here's How You Can Fix LE-65 Error in Last Epoch

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Being an online game, it's hardly surprising that Last Epoch has its own fair share of errors and problems.
Are you wondering how to fix the LE-65 error in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you resolve this error.

Undoubtedly, Last Epoch's 1.0 release isn't going as smoothly as planned. The game has seen a sizable influx of players. Due to this, some gamers have been experiencing occasional issues when trying to connect, and the LE-65 error code has been one of the most popular ones that players are facing. The LE-65 error makes it impossible for players to connect to the game online and can be incredibly frustrating if you don't know the fixes. Without further ado, let's take a look at how you can fix this error code in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: What Does LE-65 Error Mean?

The LE-65 error with the message "Failed to connect to Game Server" indicates server-side issues due to a massive influx of players trying to connect to a specific server at the same time. It can also mean the server is unavailable due to ongoing update deployment or unplanned outages. 

Last Epoch: How Can You Fix LE-65 Error?

The LE-65 error makes it impossible for you to connect to the game's servers while trying to play Last Epoch online. Here are some fixes you can use to resolve the error –

Fix 1: Check the Server Status 

Before anything else, you must check the game's server status. Head to Last Epoch's official X account or Discord server to know about the server status. As we've said before, it's a server-side issue and might mean that servers are down. Sometimes, the game has scheduled maintenance that affects everyone. If you're facing difficulties connecting to servers like others, it's up to Eleventh-Hour Games to stabilize the game. All you can do is wait until the servers are back online.

Fix 2: Restart the Game

You might be surprised, but a simple restart of your game or computer can solve many issues. Make sure that Last Epoch is completely shut down by closing it from your Task Manager. It's a low-effort fix that might do the trick for you.

Here's How You Can Fix LE-65 Error in Last Epoch

Last Epoch

Fix 3: Switch to Offline Mode

If you're facing the LE-65 error in Last Epoch, you can switch to offline mode to play with characters on the offline servers. The only downside to this fix is that you won't be able to play online, but you'll still be able to enjoy the game. If you're not going to play with your friends and want to experience the immersive world of Last Epoch, this is the best option.

Fix 4: Change Your Server's Region

If you're facing issues with the game's servers, you can try changing the region your game is set to. As Last Epoch isn't an FPS game, playing with higher ping isn't really an issue. Although you might face some rubber banding issues from time to time, if you aren't on hardcore issues, it won't be a major issue. Once you open your game, change your region to a server that's less populated at the current time and select the login button.

Fix 5: Verify Game Files

Verifying Last Epoch's game files can make sure that any problems or corrupted files during installation are fixed. Here's how you can do it –

  1. Open Steam

  2. Head to your Steam Library, and right-click on Last Epoch

  3. Choose the Properties Tab and select Installed Files.

  4. Select 'Verify Integrity of Local Files'

If none of the above fixes work for you, your last option is to contact Last Epoch's support. You must submit a ticket and explain your issue to the game's support team. For more guides, check out how you can fix the stuck loading screen error in Last Epoch

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